Learn Chinese Yesterday

Tenderly scrambled eggs with toasted ciabatta.

I was having dinner with a friend at a Chinese restaurant. We’d finished and I excused myself to visit the ladies. When I came back, she’d opened her fortune cookie and I asked her what it said. She replied “It was really strange fortune. It said ‘Learn Chinese yesterday’.” I laughed. “Turn it over, the fortune’s on the other side.”  Whatever the real fortune was, it’s been forgotten. But “Learn Chinese Yesterday” remains. (zuo tian, for the curious.)

The concept of “yesterday” also makes me think of scrambled eggs, as that’s what Paul McCartney originally called the melody of his famous song. I sort of prefer it to the mopey lyrics he finally came up with.

Yesterday’s entry was de-railed by news of the death of one of my most favorite teachers and novelists, Harry Crews. He was an amazing, ferocious teacher and had been a good friend of my father’s. Harry’s slipping away brought my father’s death front and center again for me for an evening, because it sure would have been fun to call up Dad and recall together some of Harry’s antics. Harry had a line from e.e. cummings tattooed on his upper right arm, near the shoulder. It said “How you like your blue eyed boy Mr. Death?”  My father’s wife wrote this morning to say that Dad probably would have been surprised Harry lasted so long.

So I took the evening off from myself and had a bourbon and watched some old tapes of Harry and cried a bit. I’m better today thank you.

Yesterday’s target number was 62.2. Because it was my day off, I only walked 2892 steps. I was so undone that I could not even get up from my desk to walk those last eight steps to roll it over to 2900. It was way past one when I went up to bed, and the pedometer, sensibly, was already on to another day.

Consumed yogurt with granola, watermelon, energy packet of nuts, apple, one pork chop with apricot glaze, sauteed summer squash, small green salad with cucumber and avocado, one ounce dark chocolate with orange peel, two ounces of Maker’s Mark.

Tonight’s entry should be more or less on time.