Your Flight Has Been Delayed

I know I promised that I’d lift you out of an ordinary day with sublime prose about the wonders of maple syrup. I know I did. I know I said I’d start writing in the morning. Yes, I’m aware that people are inconvenienced when things don’t happen the way they’re supposed to. Wait, here’s a bulletin: no flights of fancy on maple tomorrow either. Perhaps not until Thursday.

I don’t think I can write about maple syrup when I’m thinking about the World Trade Center. I really wish, now, that I could not think about the World Trade Center. I wish they’d gotten their asses in gear and built something fantastic, something soaring and wonderful on that spot, so that we could all go there and think about something else, so we could we be released.

When we go on marking the anniversary year after year, it seems like we mark our own failures annually. Yes, Bin Laden is dead. (Hey Ohio Republicans, news flash! It wasn’t Romney that killed Osama Bin Laden.) Yes, we’ve killed more of our own men and women to somehow avenge the deaths of those on September 11, 2001. Somehow that doesn’t seem to work out right, you know, the math.

We’ve practically obliterated another country that had nothing to do with it. (You know, nearly all the hijackers were Saudis. Why didn’t we invade Saudi Arabia. Oh yeah, this.)

It was a remarkable time in America. We came together in a way we hadn’t before or since. Most of the rest of the world rallied to our side. Even Yasser Arafat was there, with his sleeve rolled up, donating blood. But yet, we gave up so many freedoms, we’ve lived in paranoia and suspicion, under a cloak of prejudice for eleven years. Did we win the war on terror? Can you win a war on terror?

More thoughts on this tomorrow. If you’d rather read about counting calories and the virtues of avocados, come back later this week. Wednesday is the 18th birthday of my only son. (He didn’t really get a birthday in 2011, as you might imagine. Hard to be turning seven in the middle of all that.) So, okay, Thursday then, a new moon, rescheduled.

Tonight, we just sit together in the lounge and wait.

Target 70  Steps (still not counted correctly) 1586

Breakfast: Yogurt with granola. Three Bahlsen Leibniz cookies. Dinner: hot and sour soup, half a cup of lomein,  cup of bok choy with enoki mushrooms, braised tofu and pork. Fortune cookie. 


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