Not Tonight, Darlings


I am so worn out. It’s been a long and busy day and my bed is calling me. Other nights have been like this and I have fought them to write you something. But I am so knackered tonight the resolve fails me. Every sympathy to those who cannot sleep at night, whether they’d choose to, or because they’re up printing newspapers, or on deadlines or  making bread for morning breakfast. (Hello, Rahn.) Tonight, though I am not one of you. Tonight, this little night owl must tuck her head beneath one wing and call it good. You’ll forgive me the taking of this luxury this time, I hope.

Target 70 Steps 6345

Breakfast: yogurt with granola. Afternoon snack: sugar waffle (like a pizzelle, with powdered sugar, most of which I wore) and some cotton candy and two bites of my son’s “roast beef sundae”  Dinner: a cup of Jambalaya with a tablespoon of sour cream, two cups of watermelon. 


2 thoughts on “Not Tonight, Darlings

  1. To the woman who keeps us on our toes and entertained with her prose, a night off, for whatever reason, is forgiven. Two, three nights off is okay, too. Slip off the face of the earth and we’ll come looking for you.

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