You Are Beautiful

We have a figure of the Travelocity gnome in the downstairs bathroom. When someone passes by in just the right manner, a motion detector plays a phrase, which makes it seem like the gnome is talking to you. My husband sets it off more than anyone. This morning when I was brushing my hair, the little gnome said “Your hair looks lovely. You’ve lost weight. Yes, that top does go with those pants.”  I couldn’t help, I beamed. It might have chosen another phrase at random, like “I’m feeling rather sexy” or “Shake hands? Just kidding.” There is something wonderful about being told that your hair looks lovely.

This made me think of “You are beautiful,” a grass-roots project to spread the message that, well, you are beautiful. For a decade now, they’ve spread the message through hundreds of thousands of stickers (available by writing them at You Are Beautiful, P.O. Box 220175, Chicago, IL 60622) and by spotlighting the work of artists around the world who are getting out the message of positive self-realization. It’s the very embodiment of a simple act of kindness. We so often see only the flaws in ourselves, things often invisible to others. We delay living our lives until we are thinner. We neglect the beauty that is within each one of us. You Are Beautiful. It’s an important message. Maybe if we see it enough, we’ll begin to believe it.

Target today 70. Steps 6736

Breakfast: two pecan pancakes, half cup of cottage cheese.  Lunch: tomato garden vegetable soup, two vegetable medallions, an ounce of smoked salmon, half an ounce of vegetable pate, quarter cup of shrimp salad. Dinner: three eggs, yogurt with granola. 



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