The Week Without Sweets

Over the past months, as I’ve struggled to lose weight and get fit, I have tried to keep my diet as realistic as possible. After all, as soon as something is forbidden, it is desired all the more, sometimes to the point of obsession. So nothing has been off-limits though I have tried to keep the portions modest and the habits moderate. Sometimes, though, things get out of whack. It feels like I’ve made sweets a habit again. Want a nibble? Have some chocolate. Need a pick me up?  There’s still a little pound cake or peach pie or frozen yogurt. They’ve gone straight past the occasional treat to the land of ordinary. I need to be reined in a little.

At first I thought, “I’ll have a week without sugar.” That seemed a bit militant for me. I use sugar (in small amounts, but still) in cooking onions, on turnip greens, in dry rubs for beef. That wasn’t really what I wanted to cut out. I wanted to cut out the everyday consumption of treats. Because when you eat them everyday they’re not treats anymore. I still get to have maple yogurt with granola every morning, because that seems to be the one and only breakfast I can face each and every day, no matter the hour. I can still have fruit, including salted watermelon and whipped bananas. Well, maybe not the bananas, they are really the essence of dessert.

But for damn sure: no brownies, blondies, cupcakes, cookies, pie, creme brulee, pudding, flan, layer cake, cheesecake, tortes, blanc mange, trifle, candy apples, chocolates, ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, McVitie’s digestives, donuts, cinnamon rolls, tarts, creme caramel, shortbread, sponge cake, fritters, biscotti, jelly beans, caramels (salted or otherwise), fudge, chocolate fondue, banana splits, gelato, cream puffs, fruit bars, baked Alaska or cotton candy. Sigh.

Target today 73  Steps 1566

Breakfast: yogurt with granola, two cups watermelon. Lunch: salad without lettuce (avocado, bell pepper, mushrooms, nuts, bleu cheese) 1/4 cup mixed nuts Dinner: 3 egg vegetable omelet with an ounce of cheese, two cups watermelon. 


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