Lazy days, we all have them. This was mine. Slept late, played with the puppy. Read for awhile. Sat in front of the computer playing “Candy Crush”, wishing I could make the Easter Bunny stop weeping. Look, Bunny, I’ll get you unstuck from your chocolate puddle tomorrow. Read the New York Times. Ate a little, rummaged in the fridge. Noshed. Googled my son’s new professors. And hey, look, it’s dark already.

Me and Leonard Nimoy, we know how to rock it.

Today’s Target 75, Steps 1167

Breakfast: yogurt with granola, two eggs  Lunch: one cup of stroganoff and a smore. I don’t know, I’m obsessed with smores right now. I’ll get over it. Dinner: three lean cuisine spring rolls, wheat thins with an ounce of brie, grapes. 


One thought on “Lazy

  1. I hope you enjoyed your Lazy Day! I’ve spent the majority of the last 3 days laid-up in bed with a brain-splitting headache. 😦 It seems to be backing off a bit today. I enjoyed your Bruno Mars video with Leonard. I actually laughed for the first time in DAYS watching it. 🙂 I don’t know that I’m up to the Candy Crush puzzles today but I have enjoyed playing it in the past. I hope things are good with Julian’s professors. Monday will be Jenny’s first day in Middle School. Her homeroom teacher was absent from Open House and they had mistakenly put her in chorus instead of orchestra in 3rd period. I filled out the schedule change and submitted it that night in the office. The school apparently called this morning and spoke to my husband, informing him that they have switched her to Band, which he accepted. Um, HELLO, the CELLO is an orchestra instrument and NOT band. He tells me this during our lunchtime telephone conversation. I now have a call in to the school. Even on our lazy days, responsibilities have a way of creeping in …

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