Party Manners

Next week our baby boy starts college. He’s not going far, and he’ll be living at home at least for the first semester, but it does mark a big sea change in his life– the end of high school and all its constraints (even at a prestigious high school for the arts) and the beginning of a brave new world. There was no graduation party for him– there wasn’t even a weekend available for that in May. So tonight, we launched Julian, complete with a few Chinese lanterns and a single perfect, dramatic firework.

It was a grand party. Not huge, but companionable. His friends ranged in age from 17 to 70, and I think that speaks well of him. Though we spent the last several days madly cleaning and scrubbing and polishing the house, the party was entirely outside in the garden. But we’d spent a lot of time there too, picking up fallen apples, stringing lanterns, making sure there were no ugly surprises left behind by resident dogs.  Though we live in town, we’re on three city lots– and that makes for considerable yard work.

It was the kind of evening that leaves you glowing but contented. We are rich in our friends– this was something of a core group here tonight for me too, many of these same folks were at my 50th birthday party last winter. Like any party, we were missing a few– and that’s the nature of social events. Busy people are busy.

Still, it was a magical evening and we could not have asked for things to have turned out better. People were happy. There were no heated arguments. The weather was perfect– warm, but not beastly. Very little wind. No rain. We didn’t run out of anything, in fact if there was an off-note at all, it’s that sitting on top of the gas range tonight are six boxes of uneaten pizza. (Not to mention the two boxes I sent home with Julian’s friends.)It’s such a waste. I can’t give it to the soup kitchen. I don’t have room in the freezer, and with the diet, you know I’m really not interested in eating six pizzas. I ate more today than I should have, anyway.

I had asked Julian to confirm as many of his friends as he could– but it’s tough, these last weeks of summer. Some kids are already far-flung to colleges around the country. Others have family obligations before they leave. Others are well, a little flaky. That goes for some of my friends too, I guess.

I understand, completely, having prior commitments. Or that things come up unexpectedly. I understand (and sympathize entirely) with one friend who was totally felled with a migraine. What I don’t understand, at all, are people who received both hand-made written invitations and reminders via Facebook who did not bother to respond at all. I’m sorry to call you folks out like this, but some of you are repeat offenders and really, isn’t this beyond the pale? You could have at least said you couldn’t make it.

My mother always told me to appreciate the guests who made the effort and ignore the others and she’s right. I didn’t give a single thought to the absent all evening long. Why should I?  I guess those people just weren’t interested. And their lack of interest has been duly noted.

Today’s target: 72 (yes!) 4629 steps

Breakfast:  egg and cheese on a biscuit. Lunch: two hard-boiled eggs. Strawberry. Dinner: 2 slices of chicken-spinach-bacon pizza, cupcake, slice of brie. Late night: 😦  two slices of veggie pizza.


5 thoughts on “Party Manners

  1. Congratulations, Julian! It sounds like a lovely time and, most certainly, a lot of hard work and effort was made to make it the best time possible. How very sad that some didn’t respond at all. This is not right. Well, you certainly know who you won’t be sending invitations to the next time you have a soiree. We would have been there, had our homes been closer. Invite or no invite. 🙂 Miss you.

  2. This Repeat Offender is disgusted with himself after reading this. As if I am reading my own obituary. Yes my life is complicated but I humbly see that is no excuse as yours is just as complicated. Please accept my humble apology and allow me to remain amongst your circle of friends.

    And if it would help I can come over this morning to help clean up and finish off the pizza. 🙂

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