The Reinvented Wheel

There’s some truth to the adage that the more things change the more they stay the same. I can re-work how I’m going to approach diet and exercise, but there are limitations as to how many ways I can reinvent it.  For instance the following are off the table: liposuction, Nutrisystem, gastric bypass, Jenny Craig, fad diets– and on the exercise half of the balance, it’s unlikely that I’ll be getting fit through running marathons, climbing mountain faces or sumo wrestling, though you never know. Especially the Sumo wrestling.

But I did tweak this plan a little, because I had run myself into a big deep rut. I’m eating more or less the same. I didn’t eat the vegetables I hoped to get today, but there’s always tomorrow. I went to late lunch-early dinner with a friend, and sometimes that precludes eating just as one should. I am going to try mightily to broaden the variety of what I’m eating, and hope to cook more. A reader suggested Thai recipes and that’s a great idea. At the time I was too disheveled and disheartened to think about “recipes”, I just wanted something I could land my hand on in the fridge.

That ennui has lifted, like fog rolling off the shore, and I am going to make an effort to prepare at least seven meals a week at home. That will also give me something else to write about. (By “meal” I don’t mean a dollop of Brown Cow yogurt with a sprinkling of granola. A meal is made up of several dishes and generally served to the whole family. I hope someone else will clean the kitchen.)

While I will continue to wear the pedometer, I am giving up my relentless pursuit of 5000 steps a day. That really got to be a grind. I do want to average 30,000 steps a week; and will try to achieve that in a variety of ways– hiking, shopping, dancing, bowling, showing dogs, and even a little running. In addition to that I am adding four exercise sessions a week. I had hoped that today was going to be one of them, and was looking forward to my inaugural visit to the Y.

Alas, I spent the morning on the telephone with a variety of bureaucrats– harumph– and will have to go Tuesday morning instead. So– four days need to see me get my ass in gear: on the tennis court, in the pool, on the treadmill, on the bike path, on the back of a horse, in the racquetball court, in the bowling alley, in a fitness class. It doesn’t really matter which one, at least to start with, I just have to get moving.

I did get some housecleaning in today and I also washed Rowan, our Irish Red and White Setter– so I probably burned a few extra calories there. I’ll be noting in each day’s report what kind of active things I did and whether or not they qualify as truly exercise. Don’t chide me too much for my sloth, these habits were years in the making.

I have scaled forward the target weight loss number by another twenty pounds, so that in the end I will be a hundred pounds lighter. Also, it makes it easier to figure percentages– like, I’m nearly 25 percent to my goal! A quarter of the way! So the number is bigger, but that’s okay, it won’t be for long. I’ve reset all the cumulative numbers back to zero, because it was too difficult to figure it all out with the time off. I may need to take more time off down the road, I’ll cross that bridge if and when I arrive there.

Finally, the most important thing. I ran across this in someone else’s blog, I don’t even really remember how I got there, and what she wrote was only marginally applicable to my life, but her theme struck me to the core:

Lose weight by satisfying your true hunger.

I’ve done fairly well at giving up eating while mad, or sad or bored or annoyed or frustrated, though all of those have been at play in the past.   But here’s the question, still. What does satisfy my true hunger? Because it was that hunger, not fed or even met, that was gnawing away at my sense of contentedness. I was following the rules, but I wasn’t seeing progress and I wasn’t happy. Some mornings I would lie in bed and stare at the ceiling.

A few months ago I started a book. It’s an American story, not fiction, and there is an enormous amount of research that needs to be turned over and looked at with a fresh eye. I got off to a great start, and then little things here and there started to intervene. I was supposed to go to Washington for a research trip to the Library of Congress in May. That got put off. Days went by, then weeks, then a month. Another month. This story needs to be told and I am the one that needs to tell it. As soon as I returned to the research, a great weight lifted from me. I felt infused with joy. I am feeding the real hunger inside me, and with a little help, the rest will take care of itself.

Target number 76, steps 3403.

Consumed: cup of  yogurt with quarter cup granola. Bowl of lobster bisque, and three slices of foccaccia. Two  small slices of wood-fired pizza. And again, a cup of yogurt with a quarter cup of granola. 

Tidied the dining room and kitchen. Washed large dog. Wandered around in fireworks warehouse. 


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