Rising of the Moon

“New Moon” by Albert Aublet, c. 1890


It’s been awhile.

Five days since I posted. Longer than that since I tracked anything– food, exercise, mere steps. I was so bored with myself I could hardly stand it. The amazing thing is that readers went on reading these little posts even when I stopped writing. Someone, somewhere on the other side of the world would click that they liked a post, or a friend would write that they missed hearing my voice.

It wasn’t that I’d gone without a break. I’d taken breaks here and there; though I kept walking, kept counting and measuring and judging. Most of the time, I even kept writing. So, five months in, I really did have to lay it down for a little while. It wasn’t just my intellectual interest that had been ground to dust, my body was also tired.

I’ve used the time away to think about how I’d like to see this project change. I’ve decided that I’d like to lose a hundred pounds rather than the mere 80 I’d set in my original sights. So the target number is going to start off higher again. I just couldn’t imagine getting to the end of this and then tacking on an additional twenty pound goal. I am restarting the cumulative clock. It’s too difficult to figure out from this point, so those will be zeroed out.  It was enough to know I’d walked more than two hundred miles. Tomorrow I will weigh again, measure and reset the pedometer. I’m also going to the Y in the morning, my inaugural trip. Monday will be the first day.

Since Monday’s post is about the reinvention of the wheel, I am not going to say too much more about the new program tonight. I don’t expect that any journey is without bumps in the road. This one reminds me of losing the air-conditioner compressor in the Saab in Iowa City, Iowa on my way from Montana to Ohio. I slowed to a stop, and had to reconfigure how the rest of the journey was going to unfold.  One thing for sure is that, now like then, I have to figure out a better use of my time. On that trip, I had to cut out some slack time– now that’s the story of my life. The problem is that, like many, I’m deeply fond of killing time. Even when I know that the end of my life will come too soon.

Thanks for hanging around. More tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Rising of the Moon

  1. Hey, I am trying to lose some weight too, and it is like the beginning of a two year project. You are inspiring me. Thanks!

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