Time for Recess

Over the next two days I am supposed to be in a university library reading 122-year-old newspapers, as I did for most of today. I am also supposed to be taking my dog to the veterinarian to have his swimmers counted (don’t think too hard about that) and assuming the count is dandy, driving him to Kentucky for conjugal bliss. Somewhere in the meantime, I am writing the Dayton Kennel Club newsletter, planning to take my friend Sandy to lunch for her birthday (which was last Saturday) hoping to squeeze dinner in sometime for another friend’s birthday (today) and looking forward to brunch with my cousins on Sunday. And yes, I ate this for dinner. (Not the whole thing, just a small part of it.)

The thing is I am in the midst of reinventing my own wheel. I am still wearing the pedometer, I am still taking the stairs, I am still watching what I eat. (That was frozen Greek yogurt after all, and I was careful.) But I’ve decided to get off this ride for the time being. That is, I don’t like the progress I’m making, or not making, so I’m going to re-think this radically. I may come back and do the same thing from scratch, I don’t know. But there’s no point in weighing and measuring and recording when all it did was make me feel blue. (I did put on a dress this morning and have to reject it for being too big. Amen.)

So if you don’t see me here for a few days, it’s just because I’m out living my life. I’ll be back soon. xoxo


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