Nobody Home

I didn’t weigh today. I don’t know how far I walked– not far, though I did play with the dogs in the yard. I don’t really remember what I had to eat. A peanut butter sandwich. Yogurt. A couple of eggs. More.  I don’t remember yesterday. I wonder if I will get to the bottom of this and bounce.



2 thoughts on “Nobody Home

  1. Your lifestyle requires a lot of self-discipline, a lot of time spent by yourself, with a lot of self-expectations.
    I like going to the gym, the pool. Taking fitness classes, although I am hopelessly uncoordinated. Maybe it’ll help you. Variety, the laughter and cheerfulness of other people.
    Anyway, I like your blog a lot. I am always struggling with my weight. Don’t give up, don’t take it all too seriously girlfriend.

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