The List

In response to yesterday’s post, my friend Donna offered her own suggestion from getting out from under being overwhelmed: make a list and start checking things off. It’s a good solution and it has worked for me before– not always because I get the things checked off but because it helps me to at least organize my thoughts about the debris fields of my life.

You are not expected to read this list. You certainly may, if you want to– after all I’ve published it. But I don’t expect the minutiae of my life to have much interest for others. Suggestions are always welcome. If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll try to come back and cross them off.

1.  Orville

a. Email WSU for a parking pass for the rare book room for next week.

b. Unearth and re-organize the Wright material.

c.Further develop the outline for the book.

d.I need a title for the book.

e.Develop a proposal for publishers

f. Go to Dayton History and just sit with the plane awhile.

2. House

a. sort out and organize study

b. paint the livingroom

c. paint the hall closet

d. paint the winter bedroom

e. buy new shower curtains

f. sort out clothes and other stuff for Goodwill

g. organize closets and clothing and shoes

h. build shelves in closet for shoes

i. hang shelf over bed

j. hang pictures

k. deal with the clutter everywhere

l. make peach pie

3. Dogs

a. train puppy every day

b. make arrangements for upcoming shows- hotels, entries, cars.

c. contact fence contractor

d. draw plans for shed

e. zoning permit for shed

f. call Kelly Leonard

g. Blue  :’-(

h. Sign up for agility with Holly the Boston terrorist

i. Follow up on paperwork for Grace

j. Work Rowan

k. Monthly flea treatments for dogs and cats, again.

4. Habits

a. limit Facebook to one hour a day.

b. do something active every day.

c. organize food for the house instead of eating out so much

d. Go to bed earlier.

5. Health and Fitness

a. Join the YMCA

b. Go to the YMCA at least twice a week

c. Find a doctor for E.

d. Review health insurance changes

e. Find a health fair for blood work.

f. Buy a U-lock for the bike.

g. Get out in a kayak

h. Back to the pool with Martha

6. Loose Ends

a. Go to Montana to sort out storage units there.

b. Ohio Driver’s License

c. Julian’s WSU application

d. See about the Indiana tax refund

e. cell phone

7. Finances

a. Cancel Netflix and other subscriptions (Highbeam, yousendit) not being used.

b. Crank up eBay sales again.

c. Develop resume

d. Look for a job.

8. Kennel Clubs


i Send meeting notices for August picnic

ii. Make judging assignments

iii Send contracts to judges

iv Contact AKC about loose ends and sanctioned match

v. Match paperwork

vi. Membership roster

b. Dayton Kennel Club

i. Produce and mail August Newsletter


a. Edit and post Dachshund pictures

b. Dinner with Rahn and Gina

c. Get up to Montpelier to see Grannie

d. Spend more time with friends

e. End of summer party?

f. Letter to Sherrod Brown.

Target today 54. Steps today (though its early still) 3618. Breakfast: two hardboiled egg, peach, packet of trail mix. Lunch: chicken salad sandwich and yes, a maple frosted donut. Dinner: two tortillas with leftover grilled chicken, shrimp, chorizo plus avocado and a little cheese. Two peaches, diced.


5 thoughts on “The List

  1. I always carry a notebook and a nice pen and make lists whenever I have a minute in the day. These little lists (what to do after work, what to do this weekend, stuff like that) help me get a lot done – break things up into bit-sized pieces.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would cross off “i” under ‘house’….hang shelf over bed. If you are sleeping in that bed putting a shelf over it could be counter productive. It might fall on your head and then you might not be able to do anything else on your list until you recover from your injury. I’m just sayin’……..


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