Bare Bones

I’m tired and this will be short. It was a good day, despite a lingering sense of melancholy from yesterday’s incomprehensible event.  I went with a friend to a horse show. It’s been years since I’ve been to a horse show, and yet everything was so familiar. This was a Saddlebred show, and that’s totally out of my realm, but it was interesting to watch and photograph. I’d forgotten to charge the camera battery, so I wasn’t able to shoot as much as I would have liked to.

Afterwards to the Columbus Fish Market for lunch– not a fish market at all really (though you can buy raw fish to take home) but a rather upscale and mostly successful restaurant. My friend Sandy had the Prix Fixe menu and in retrospect I should have done the same. I was tempted by the lobster roll, but it was a weird combo of lobster roll + BLT. Note to Columbus Fish Market: lobster is delicate– tomato and bacon will totally overshadow it. I went instead with Lobster Bisque, which strangely had a very orange cast to it– like there was tomato in it? It didn’t taste like tomato particularly. It needed . . . sugar.  But the Chesapeake Bay crabcake was spot on perfect, as was the Key Lime pie to finish. My faith in restaurants has been somewhat restored.

I’m going to wrap some things up this weekend so I can buckle down to writing on Monday. Disruption in routine does more than send me off the rail– I feel like I’ve gone off the tracks, down the embankment and into the lake. I hope I’ll enough in me to write about sex and peaches tomorrow. Or something.


Target 54 (today and yesterday) Friday’s steps: 3087. Saturday’s steps: 5186. Friday for breakfast: yogurt with blueberries and granola. Peach.  Lunch: turkey avocado sandwich. slice of banana bread. cup of fruit salad, half cup of cole slaw. Later: 2 cups of watermelon. Dinner: cup of cottage cheese with grape tomatoes and half an avocado. Saturday for breakfast: yogurt with granola, iced coffee.  Lunch: bowl of Lobster bisque, crabcake on corn relish, breadstick, slice of key lime pie. Later: bowl of sliced peaches. Two cups of watermelon.


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