A Day in Food

Today I decided I would just photograph the food I ate.  It was a good idea, but I didn’t quite think it through. First of all, I’m at my mother’s– where the kitchen doesn’t have the best light. Food is so much more beautiful in natural light. We went out to lunch, in a very dark restaurant, and I forgot my camera — so I had to photograph the food with my cell phone, and that had somewhat less than middling results. Which about matched the food . . . a huge disappointment. I’d eaten there before and had been anticipating the She Crab soup with a great appetite. Rather than delicate, the soup was bland. Though the waiter said it was made with roux, it looks like it was made with cornstarch. If it was roux-based, they didn’t cook the roux long enough. As much as the soup was bland, the salad (a caesar) was terribly overdressed, and far too sharp. (Though I enjoyed the extra anchovies.) I only ate half of each.

I think I might try this again, when I have a day of more photogenic food.

Target number 54. Steps today 6063.


cantaloupe with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella pearls, two scrambled eggs and half a peach.

Caesar Salad at the Blue Marlin in Columbia. Sopping wet with dressing.

She Crab Soup, horribly bland, though quite a bit of lump crabmeat.

Shrimp tacos at home for dinner. Wonderful.

Strawberries with a Ghirardelli square.

A fudgebar– takes you right back to 1975. Especially on an orange plate.


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