A Week Off, Sorta.

Oh I wish my week off looked more like this. 🙂

Two weeks ago I had a great re-ignition of this project after taking a week off. I was going great guns, until I went to South Carolina, and now it seems I’ve taken another week off. While many fitness sites for runners, weight-lifters, body builders and the like recommend that you take the occasional week off, they probably don’t mean that you should take a week off this frequently.

The advantages of taking time off (as in vacation time) are myriad:  generally you give your body a chance to rest and repair, you get your waking and sleep cycles back in order, it helps protect you from injury, it a great stress reducer and for the zealous among us, putting the brakes on any “overtraining” that you might be indulging in (ah, to have such a problem) and it’s a great help for examining and realigning long-term goals.

You’re just supposed to go a little longer than two weeks between the breaks.

I know that last week I did absolute nothing to alleviate stress- if anything I compounded it tenfold. My waking and sleeping cycles are all awry (so again, I’m writing in the middle of the night- I hope to change that in the morning) and if I’ve had a chance to rest and repair I don’t feel it. I just feel tired.

Probably I would have felt better if I’d found someway to exercise, but there are only so many trips you can make around the squalid little Wal-Mart in Newberry, South Carolina. When I was a kid, they had a fantastic public pool there– but that’s been long ago filled in. Apparently the closest public pools are Spartanburg, Anderson and somewhere beyond Columbia. That’s not really good enough. When 40 percent of the population under 18 are also under the federal poverty guideline, you need to give them something to do in the summer to stay cool and have fun.

It was certainly too hot to go outside and even if it hadn’t been, I was there to take care of my mother. Her physiological response to post-surgical medication was too worrisome to allow me to leave her side. Once we got the prescriptions sorted out, her focus sharpened considerably and I was able to come home, leaving my teenage son there for the week helping his grandmother.  As it is I’ll be back there on Friday and will stay through to the following Wednesday. But before I leave Dayton on Friday I am going down to join the YMCA, so that at least on my next trip, I can go to the Y down south and use the treadmill and maybe the pool. Even if I have to drive 19 miles up the road to Clinton to do so.

That should help.

Target number 53. Steps today 4426. Breakfast: two pecan pancakes, two peaches. Lunch: yogurt with granola, two ounces of brie and a coke. Dinner: scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa wrapped in a small tortilla.

Look for a fuller accounting next week, since I’ll be back on schedule.


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