Sleepytime Down South

Before I know it, the time will be here to rise and take my mother down to the hospital in Columbia for her surgery. It’s not major surgery, but any surgery is a bit of a worry. Last time it was serious– open heart stuff, and she came through that with flying colors. A little housekeeping on the rotator cuff should be a piece of cake, shouldn’t it?

It was a journey to arrive here. I realized this morning that I had forgotten my hairbrush and stopped in Hendersonville, North Carolina to buy one. I was in a hurry and it pained me to wait behind people who were moving like flies trapped in amber. Or so it seemed. Everything– stopping for fuel, waiting at lights, a quick trip at a peach stand– it all seemed to take forever and I was chuffing at the bit. “Go, go, go, go” I muttered under my breath.

But this is the old south, and people don’t go. I know my yankee ways aren’t going to spur them forward, and by about four o’clock, I stopped fighting the pace and allowed myself to be carried along this lazy river. It’s not that everything runs in slow motion– BMW drivers here, like everywhere else, are asses. A certain kind of woman still talks too fast. Time still flies. It’s just that the rhythm of the place is slower. It’s up to us to adjust.

Interesting dinner with friends of my mother’s at their gracious antebellum home. The kind of dinner that starts with martinis and ends with coffee and uses every spoon in the silver drawer along the way. Lots of laughter and great stories and I could feel the sense of hurry uncoil from my bones. It’s a good feeling, sleepytime down south. 

Target today 54. Steps 3990 (It’s really going to be a challenge to meet that quota this week) Breakfast: packet of trail mix. Lunch: green salad with grilled chicken breast Dinner: martini, 4 oz roast pork, half a cup ratatouille, half a cup squash casserole, half a cup cucumber salad, quarter cup braised endive, small glass of wine, one scoop raspberry sherbet, one inch square brownie.


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