South Bound

In a few hours, I’m headed south. My mother lives in South Carolina and she is having some restorative surgery done on a shoulder on Thursday. It’s the lot of the only child that if your parent needs you, you go. This is an outpatient procedure she’s having, but she will be limited in her activities for a bit. Julian is coming with me and will stay on another week to help with her dogs and cats and anything else that needs a tall boy with a strong back. (I have visions.)

The pace in South Carolina is different than here, and sometimes it’s hard to make the adjustment to being less busy. Having just read a rather brilliant piece in yesterday’s New York Times about the scourge of busy-ness, I think I will try to embrace the idle hours a little more enthusiastically.

I am very grateful to my dear husband who lingers here at home, taking care of the dogs, the cats, the yard, the house and anything else that crops up in our absence. These are the times I wish we had servants so we could all just go away together instead of in split-shifts.

In the hubbub of yesterday I neglected to note that it was not just another Monday, but another Moon-day. And a full moon to boot. There will be another Moon-day for me in July, I haven’t looked to see if that means an actual blue moon at the end of July. This means the fourth moon down– with eight left to go. With the change in expectations outlined over the last week, the project may well go beyond the original Twelve Moons. When we get there, we’ll see.

Target number today 53. Steps 5310, including three-quarters of a mile on the treadmill, and two-tenths of a mile at a run. I would have run longer, but the treadmill belt needs to have the tension adjusted, it’s very disconcerting when it slips. Breakfast: yogurt with granola, three scrambled eggs. Lunch: turkey avocado BLT afternoon snack plain cinnamon roll Dinner: 3 Lean Cuisine spring rolls, two hard-boiled eggs.


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