Sex and Bowling

In the quest for finding means to exercise in oppressive heat a few days ago, I came up with a short list that included sex and bowling. (Not at the same time.) Sadly, neither made the list for this week. (Though there’s still tonight, right?)

Though I had nixed the idea of joining a gym, I am going to the downtown YMCA tomorrow to sign up. It’s close enough to ride the bike (or walk even) and they offer an indoor track, weight room, racquetball court, fitness equipment, and swimming pool. Part of the decision to do this stems from my trip to South Carolina next week. My mother is having shoulder surgery and I’ll be there for most of the week.

We think it’s hot here– but South Carolina is likely to be even hotter. The YMCA has a reciprocal program with most other Ys. In fact, of the eight YMCAs within 50 miles of my mother’s house, seven participate. Not the one in her town, of course. But all the others. (The one in her town also features over-the-top “Christian” preaching on their web site.) So I’ll have to go 19 miles up the road to Clinton to use their treadmill.

Maybe they have a bowling alley in Newberry?

Target Today 54  Steps 5853, with six sets of stairs to speed the metabolism. Breakfast: hard boiled egg, banana. Lunch: lobster crab cake on a bed of greens, two small pieces of bread with a bit of butter, creme brulée, light dinner of yogurt with granola and a hard boiled egg.


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