Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast has always been a challenge. After all, if you’re not rising ’till after noon, well, they’ve long stopped serving eggs and pancakes. I love to go out for breakfast, but that somewhat negates the edict to eat within half an hour of getting up. The other factor to that is that my appetite has not cranked into gear within half an hour– some parts of my body are not even awake then and that must include my stomach.

I’ve found a way to work around this with yogurt. It is a surprise that I have been able to go on eating it– usually I’m good for a yogurt or two or three, and that’ll hold  me ’till next year, thanks. The addition of a good granola changes everything. The addition of blueberries or raspberries even more so. So day after day, it’s yogurt that gets me through. Even if it’s two in the afternoon when I first see the light of day.

It’s always the same brand of yogurt — even though only one or two grocery stores in the Dayton area carry it, and that does not include the upscale Dorothy Lane or the health food chains. It’s Brown Cow. My husband (perhaps a little petulantly) asks “Why can’t you just eat Activia?”  (“Like the rest of us” is understood.) I guess I don’t like Activia. Maybe I just don’t like Jamie Lee Curtis preaching to me.

Here’s my unabashed endorsement, beginning with the specs for this morning’s blueberry cream top,  here– click on blueberry on the list. (Compare Activia’s blueberry here) Brown Cow has whole milk yogurt (because you need fat to keep from feeling hungry and to sustain you through the day) While it is sweetened (with maple syrup and cane sugar) it does not have that sickly sweet candy-fruit flavor of some other yogurts. And it has a picture of a beautiful Jersey cow on the container. It’s worth spending the 99 cents on a carton. It’s worth finding a store that stocks it, and I appreciate that Meijer’s carries it, though I wish they’d carry more than five flavors. (Brown Cow makes 12 flavors, including the somewhat unusual Maple (which is the least sweet, ironically) and Coffee.)

I’m so grateful to them– they make it possible for me to eat breakfast.

Yesterday’s renewed endeavors towards this project went well. I was cheerful through the day and felt full of energy. I did realize that it would make more sense to record the target number from my weight on the morning that I write, which is too bad, because it went up a pound from yesterday. (I’m not fretting, but how much more of a validation would it have been if I’d lost a pound or two instead?)  Though my husband says he is delighted that I’m getting up in the morning, I think he is also a little sorry to lose these hours that were his alone.

It was just at the end of the day,  I happened upon the obituary of Nora Ephron in yesterday’s New York Times and I felt so sad, and whatever accomplishments of the day were diminished. What a remarkable talent; a fantastic, witty writer, an extraordinary woman. And while Sleeping in Seattle and Mixed Nuts (and When Harry Met Sally and so many others) were fine entertainment,  Silkwood changed my life. Godspeed, Nora.

Target number 57. Steps 5818  (the push was running six times up and down a flight of 16 stairs- you try it!) Breakfast: egg salad sandwich and half a pint of raspberries. Lunch: another egg salad sandwich.  Dinner: haddock filet, half cup of carrots, half cup of turnip greens and three small red boiled potatoes. Small cornbread muffin with half a teaspoon butter.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. On Activia: I understand that all yogurt has these mysterious digestive aids that Activia touts. I like Jamie Lee but not enough to buy her silly and well-endorsed yogurt.

    Brown Cow is available at the Kroger Marketplace in Englewood in the health/organic food section.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. Yes, obesity price is so high. Good luck! I have researched much as I am not convinced that weight loss surgery is my option, and I am glad that I found something that saved me from the surgical knife cost and complications as well as irreversible damage. Roca Labs gastric bypass no surgery has helped me loss 43 lbs and still counting… I am glad that I am winning back a healthy weight and, this is — priceless! I am sharing this to let others know that there are better alternative to surgery and a healthy approach to weight problems. After the program, I believe I can get myself another gift — fitness! I will continue with the healthy habits, no more junks and mouth to stomach garbage and I can start to workout when joints are no longer in pains with this morbid obesity… There is still a better after us and we deserve it in any ages! Please don’t get me wrong, I considered surgery before but, I discovered an option. Whichever way, best of luck with your weight loss!

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