Changing Times

This would usually be the day that I make an accounting of how the former week has gone– and take an unflinching look at the progress I’ve made, or as has been the case lately, not made.

In the meantime, I’ve been staying up ridiculous hours because I have a tendency to noodle around on the computer at night. I cruise around on Facebook. I read the news. I am easily distracted. But I’m having to wait until the end of the day in order to fully credit the proper number of steps.  Or the food I’ve eaten, or whatever. There are some nights I don’t go to bed until four or five in the morning.

Given my various neurological twitches, I know how essential it is to get enough sleep, so I get enough sleep. But this means that I don’t wake up until noon some days. Or 1 p.m. Or two. Because of that, I’m not even tired when conventional bedtime rolls around.

This has got to stop.

So tomorrow, we are starting something new. I’ll be posting in the morning, recounting the activities and food consumed of the day before. I will be back to counting and accounting next Monday morning.

I have a new notebook to keep track of what I’ve eaten, and other things that might be of interest or import. I have a fresh new start tomorrow. Even though I’ll be writing about today, in which I did little more than sleep. I took a Benadryl and that made me such a sleepyhead. I’d let this project kind of unspiral, and because of that I felt untidy and uninspired. But I love a blank page, and that’s what tomorrow is.

Oh, and I named the new puppy.


That’s her name and also how I feel about finally naming her.


3 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. Holy crap, Larkin. I keep trying to follow your positive examples but I am not sure I can follow you into a reasonable bedtime. I just dunno.

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