The Lost Day

The Lost Day by Eduardo Stein

This was a lost day, I wish I had done  more to enjoy it. I didn’t go to sleep until it was light. The puppy had decided to be headstrong and willful and difficult. Eating the hardwood floor, for example. So I put her in her crate in our room. Where she howled and carried on and tried to destroy the crate. It took hours to come to an understanding. You can’t give in and yet you don’t want to break them either. Like children, except more compressed.

I’d intended to do my usual volunteer stint today 9 to 3, but since I didn’t even wake up until quarter to two, that was a wash. Thank heavens for my dear husband, who took care of all the things that needed care this morning and let me sleep.

Yesterday’s sunburn grew worse, so much so that I had to forego a bra altogether and just chose a snug-fitting tank top with a linen dress over it. And somehow in that get-up I had no place to clip the pedometer so I didn’t.  It just sat on the bookcase all day. My husband kindly slathered me with aloe vera when I got up, but the pain intensified through the day.  A high school classmate suggested paper towels soaked in vinegar and left to dry on your skin. Sure you smell like salad, but it does reduce the pain considerably.

My focus for anything other than sunburn was significantly reduced.

I did not watch the NBA championships tonight, and came upstairs to read a murder mystery instead. I am sorry to see the Miami Heat win and I’m glad I didn’t have to watch LeBron’s ignorant gloating mug. What an example he is– forego your family, your home town and your fans so that you have a better chance at an ugly championship ring. Why didn’t he use his power to help bring better players to Cleveland? Doesn’t matter– we know his true colors now: loyalty means nothing.  A talented athlete certainly, but a worthless man.

Tomorrow is another day. I’ll try to do a better job finding it.

Target number unknown. Steps unknown. “Breakfast” yogurt with granola, hard-boiled egg. Lunch: cup of cottage cheese, half-cup cherry tomatoes, three hard-boiled eggs. Late afternoon: 2 cups watermelon. Dinner: 4 ounces roast pork with barbecue sauce, half-cup of potato salad, half-cup of baked beans, six ounces raspberries.


4 thoughts on “The Lost Day

  1. First of all, I feel somewhat responsible for the sunburn. I looked at your skin and thought about suggesting you re-apply sunscreen but it wasn’t as if I was watching your every move – maybe you were doing that? But I hate for you to suffer after such a lovely day. Maybe your skin was just shocked an angry at the surprise.

    I, too did not watch the NBA. I’ve been a basketball fan since I was in elementary school and followed the NBA in the early ’70s. But watching today invokes a stress reaction more than pleasure. The level of play is intense and impressive. But imagining myself there at that game doesn’t sound fun. First of, the ticket holders must probably be in the 1 percent because I don’t think anyone else could afford to attend. Second, the noise level must be deafening – I don’t know if I could handle the aural assault. And lastly, most of the players seem to be playahs. There are few I would care to dine with – Kevin Durant and . . . I dunno. And he’s on the losing team.

    • M, it’s my fault entirely. I did reapply the sunscreen a couple of times, but it was all probably too much of a shock to my skin, first day out and all.

      The UD basketball games are wonderful– but the parking is such a hassle we’ve stopped going.

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