Observations from the Side of the Pool

Tonight I am coated in aloe vera. I spent more than four hours relaxing at a members-only pool in a small town north of here. I was invited  by a member (there’s a waiting list for memberships apparently) and we had the most relaxing time.  Even if it was 93 degrees.  (34 celsius, a staggering 307 Kelvin degrees.) Not that it felt like 307. There was a nice breeze and the pool was bracing– you know, cool enough to make you grit your teeth at first. I spent many happy cycles of staying in the pool until I was cold, then getting out to warm up while stretched out on a lounge chair reading a trashy murder mystery until I was too hot, and then grimace, wince, plunge back into the pool. I slathered on the sunscreen, but it was not much a match today for the blistering Ohio sun. No matter, I’m just a little pink. Tomorrow it will have faded to a rosy glow.

It really felt like a vacation. Hours spent doing nothing productive. I was there with my friend Martha, who is, like me, a grown up. She needed me to do nothing for her. Martha too is a woman of substance, but we were not the most substantial there. In fact, I think it would be fair to say we were among all shapes and sizes, from infants to the elderly, with lots of beautiful teenage children thrown in for good measure. I was comfortable enough to walk to the concession stand in just my black tank suit. No cover up, no pareo, no towel. No one even looked twice. (That’s why it’s good sometimes to be fifty and invisible.) It was a completely relaxing and glorious day, and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

Tomorrow I am returning the B12 I bought. I was reading the label and was aghast to see that it contains Sorbitol, an artificial sweetener. Since so many of us have migraines and other health issues triggered by artificial sweeteners, I think that labels ought to be made to carry a  warning in bold print. Additionally, I did some reading on B12. Apparently the supplements have little  benefit unless you are B12 deficient. I am probably not B12 deficient as the foods that contain B12 are among my favorites and I have no symptoms of a B12 deficiency. But damn, I was sort of hoping for a magic bullet to jump-start the old metabolism.

I hardly had any steps recorded today. First of all, I didn’t wear the pedometer to the pool for obviously reasons. And I came home wiped out from the sun and the water and the fact that I spent hours swimming, treading water, and generally splashing about, so I didn’t go out to make up the deficit. That’s for tomorrow.

Target number 55. Steps  1342++ For breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs, yogurt with granola. Lunch: plain hot dog and a coke. (I may bring a picnic to the pool next time.) Dinner: Green salad and chicken salad sandwich.


One thought on “Observations from the Side of the Pool

  1. Indeed, it is a good idea to bring things because it’s a limited selection for those who would prefer to avoid total junk. I am craving chicken and tuna or ooh – perhaps salmon salads on those Magic Pop onion-flavored air breads. I need to perfect pool food. A worth endeavor.

    Sometimes they do cook there and two of the family owners of the pool are chefs. But that’s not the daily fare.

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