Two Days Worth

It’s hard to stay on top of this when I’m on the road, particularly when I run into an issue with hotel WiFi. I thought I’d be able to catch up last night, but the fates had other plans for me. I was supposed to backtrack a few dozen miles to attend a banquet with Dachshunds. Well, Dachshund people.  But by the time we got to the hotel, and got everything out of the car and into the room, I was just too worn out to get back in the car and drive.

Traveling with a puppy is not unlike traveling with a toddler– there’s lots of gear and you always have to keep their needs and schedules front and center. However, unlike a toddler, you can put a puppy in her crate with a toy and a cookie, turn down the lights and nip out for a quick bite. Now, had I gone to the dinner like I was supposed to, my 17-year-old-son would have stayed here with the puppy sprawled across the bed, and I would have brought him some kind of WonderBurger and he would have tuned into SyFy or something, and they both would have been happy as clams.

But no, we both went out to get something to eat, leaving Nameless Girl in her bed for an hour.

I knew as I opened the door that something had gone wrong. Dog poop, after all, has an unmistakable odor. She had pooped in her crate, and sort of mashed it around and was so upset about her messy crate that she broke out of it and ran all around the room and tap-danced on the nice white sheets of my bed. Even her brand new Octopus toy was not spared.

We are conscientious dog people though, so I had a tote bag full of the necessary stuff: wipes, paper towels, pet stain and odor remover, air freshener, puppy shampoo.  My son is a bit more squeamish about this kind of thing than he ought to be. I regaled him with stories of some of the “surprises” he’d dealt me prior to potty training, and suggested he buck up and face the task at hand. We cleaned the crate, putting the mashed up bits and blobs into a bag to be taken outdoors for disposal. (I really was tempted to smear them on the Jeep Grand Cherokee with the shitty bumper stickers parked next to us in the lot, but I restrained myself.)

I ran half a bath (using a hand towel for stopper) and plunked the puppy in it. It’s her third bath in 36 hours, so she’s getting the hang of it. Lathered her up, and used the ice bucket to rinse. Then I rinsed the sheets. I called the front desk and fibbed that I’d spilled some coffee on the sheets, could I come down and get a new set?  Of course, they said, obligingly.

I washed the new Octopus toy. We checked the carpet very carefully and treated a few spots. What came up on the carpet indicates that probably we should all wear shoes in hotel rooms, but oh well. (There was plenty of other grime.) Still, I’ll be leaving five bucks for the housekeeper. Then, of course, we had to clean up all the mess we’d made cleaning up all the mess, and I really was too tired to spell my name, let alone write any kind of coherent post.

So here we are. We’ll be home tonight– more adjustments for the puppy, who has settled quite nicely into hotel life. We still have to think of a name for her. She will be AKC registered, but first she has to be registered with The Chase. The Chase limits us to 20 letters. 9 of those letters go to “Redchief” (our kennel name) and a space. I’d like to name her after a jazz tune or standard. Front-runners right now are “Take Five,” (she’s our fifth Foxhound girl, and Take Five was the top-selling Jazz song ever) and we’d call her Tally. Or maybe “Stardust,” (Stella). There are two river names — Moon River and Lazy River. (She could be called “Luna” or “River”) We’re crossing the Moon River today (the Mississippi) so there’s some resonance there. Ah, such were the days when you could call a dog “Spot.”

There’s no target number because I forgot to pack the scale. Steps on Friday were 4204. Steps on Saturday were 5833.  Victuals consumed Friday were a grilled steak and egg burrito and for lunch, a coke. (There’s a story to that, but I won’t bore you now.) Dinner was at Sybill’s in St. James. Had a salad with avocado and strawberries, an 8 oz filet mignon, a little dollop of potato something and vegetables that I no longer remember. Dessert was a sublime peach sorbet, shaped to look like a peach, with a mint leaf “stem.” Very nice, even if the restaurant decor is a bit over the top.

Yesterday there was another grilled steak and egg burrito for breakfast (Jack in the Box, I couldn’t resist, we don’t have them at home) almond-pecan nut clusters, a handful of bugles, haddock, and half a cup each of carrots, lima beans, and turnip greens.


3 thoughts on “Two Days Worth

  1. I am trying to picture the neighbors reaction when you are walking around looking for your escaped dachshund. “Take Five, Take Five,” she calls as the neighbors search for a siesta spot. 🙂

  2. No Dachshunds here, Bruce. Just friends with people who have Dachshunds. This dog,an American Foxhound, will be about 25 inches at the shoulder when she’s done growing. Kelinda- a lovely name.

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