Washington, Missouri

We are tucked in an incredible hotel room, in a 14-room hotel above a tavern in Washington, Missouri.

I’m not a bed-and-breakfast person, I don’t like to impose — and as our waitress at dinner tonight said, “Too much paisley.”

The Old Dutch Hotel is nothing like that. First, it really is a hotel, with a 24-hour front desk. (You never know when you’re going to need a plastic fork for leftover chocolate cake, after all.) There’s not a paisley in sight.

The rooms are luxurious in their simplicity.  There’s so much to say about this fantastic jewel of a place, but I am almost too tired to write it. The woman at the front desk worked magic to get an adjoining room for Julian– with only 14 rooms, there’s not always much wiggle room for changes. She couldn’t have been more delighted to tell us that she’d found a solution when we arrived here. (I’d called to say that I’d be bringing my teenage son– something I hadn’t known when I made the reservation.)

The rooms have tall ceilings and crisply painted walls and trim, this one in Celadon, with creamy white. The door fittings are bronze. The bath is tiled in subway tiles, the floor marble. In the hallway, the room numbers are in gold leaf. The beds are sumptuous, and mine beckons as I type. I have always loved the historic quality of tiny hotels and I am thrilled to try this one out.

This little town, tucked in the rolling hills along the Missouri River is quite a gem. Of all the thousands of hours I’ve spent in Missouri, I don’t know how I’ve missed it until now. We ate dinner at a wine bar down along the river. While it was hard to tear ourselves away from the tavern downstairs, I’d already made reservations at the American Bounty. Though our food was somehow delayed coming from the kitchen, it was delicious when it arrived, and the server– alone of her kind in the place– was wonderful. We sat and talked about dogs long after our meal was finished and the check paid.

When I have my wits about me I will write reviews for Trip Advisor about both of these places, new favorites, and about our experience in Mooresville, Indiana today at Gray Brother’s Cafeteria (It wasn’t bad, just a bit lackluster.)  and I’ll link all the reviews here.

For now, though I must sleep. More to come tomorrow.

Target number 55. Steps today 6097. Breakfast: egg mcmuffin. Midafternoon: pretzel crackers Lunch: two filet of catfish (they were breaded, but I shucked the breading from them) half a hush-puppy, a quarter cup spinach casserole, 4 pickled beets, 8 brussel sprouts. Dinner: two tiny slices of warm bread (2″ square) with a bit of butter, salad with tomato, cucumber and blue cheese, grilled salmon filet with roast vegetables.


2 thoughts on “Washington, Missouri

  1. My husband and I stayed at the Dutch on our wedding night. I am a born and raised Washingtonian and he is a transplant from Germany, since our freshman year in high school. I was so amazed by how wonderful the accommodations were. Probably because I know how AWFUL the place was when they bought it. I am so glad you had a great evening in our wonderful little town!

    • I was so impressed with how they’d done the hotel– it was just lovely. Washington was such a great surprise, and we are very much looking forward to visiting again. I don’t know what makes Washingtonians such friendly folks, but it is wonderful. Thanks for writing!

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