89 Days of Dieting

Eighty-nine days of dieting. I had thought for sure it  must be a hundred by  now, some days it seems like I’ve been doing this for a year. I am a dilettante by nature. That’s why I write short pieces instead of books. That’s why I have a dozen great projects that I couldn’t see through to the finish. I’m not proud of this, and I work against it everyday, but it doesn’t take much to derail me from “totally obsessed” to “hardly interested.”

This is no different. In the beginning I had lots of ambitious ideas about how I was going to steadily increase my level of activity, while eating nothing but healthy foods locally produced and prepared to standards that would make Alton Brown sigh with pleasure. Yeah, right. This is the real world here. It’s difficult to find the time to do all of those things, especially without letting other stuff slip by unattended. Life is all about balance and I’m afraid I tumble more often than I’d like to.

But as bored as I am with all of this, I am thoroughly tired of being fat. Yesterday I wrote about the dozen worst things about being fat. In honesty, they were just the first twelve things that sprang to mind. I could have come up with 50 if I’d wanted to spend the extra effort. It was funny to me that although many people read the post, the only comments I received focused on the ugly clothing dilemma, with helpful suggestions and friendly advice, all much appreciated. I know that there are attractive clothes out there, especially if  you’re willing to spend the time and effort to find them. But I don’t really want to spend much more money on plus-sized clothes, as I am trying hard to not be a plus-sized person much longer.

It baffles me, though,  what merchants might be thinking. If such an enormous percentage of the United States is overweight (the CDC reports that 34 percent of Americans over 20 are overweight and another 34 percent of Americans are obese) why is no one producing regular clothes for these folks to wear?  You know, jeans and t-shirts, and a dress suitable for church and work (instead of mu-muus for the beach)?  I’ve read the arguments– fat people don’t want to buy clothes — but we’re not allowed to walk around naked, folks. And if the clothes readily available were more attractive and more practical, they’d probably sell more.  Okay, enough of that soapbox for now.

So I thought tonight, since I am not feeling inspired, that I would try to focus instead on what this less-than-three-month effort has wrought. So, Ladies and Jellybeans, my efforts in the last 89 days have resulted thus far in the following:

1. I can walk several miles without being winded or exhausted.

2. I can run 50 yards without feeling like I’m going to lie down and die.

3. I have lost ten percent of my bodyweight.

4. I no longer have acid reflux.

5. My skin is in better shape, and probably my heart and lungs and pancreas are happier too.

6. My migraines are under control, mostly.

7. I am two dress sizes smaller than when I started.

8. I smile more.

9. It’s no big deal to dash up a flight of stairs. Or two. Or three.

10. I have so much more energy.

I find myself telling people how amazed I am that it was not that difficult to improve my physical fitness dramatically. I know I’m so much farther behind still than many people– there are no marathons in my future, and even if I have more modest goals (like a 5K lope) that’s still a ways off. But I am so much better than I was. And that’s something worth sticking with. Thanks for hanging around for the ride– you all make this a lot less lonely.


No target number today as I forgot to weigh. My guess, since I’m on a plateau again is that it is still 55. I have walked 5077 steps today. Breakfast was a banana, a breakfast muffin (eggs and veggies inside an english muffin) This afternoon we were out and about and lunch was two-thirds of a cheeseburger (I gave the rest to the dog) 8 french fries and a lemonade. Dinner: two cups of watermelon, spinach salad with two hard-boiled eggs, a little bleu cheese and some crumbled bacon bits. In the afternoon (before dinner) I had a Coffee Crisp, heretofore my favorite Canadian chocolate bar. I don’t know. It didn’t impress me much today. In the evening, a carton of yogurt with a quarter cup of granola.


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