With My Head in the Lion’s Mouth


Yesterday marked the second day with migraines. As there hasn’t been even a hint of a  migraine for several months, this sent me spiraling. On Monday, it just nibbled around the edges, sharp baby teeth punctuating an otherwise normal day, but just here and there. Not a major onslaught. It took me awhile to even recognize what was going on, and finally on Monday evening I took a Maxalt.  It kind of worked.

In a way that was worse than doing nothing. When you deploy the big gun, it’s supposed to work, and work well. Most of yesterday was in a kind of fog. I didn’t remember to write down my weight or what I’d eaten. I forgot the pedometer most of the day, though it didn’t matter as I was very quiet. I kept remembering that I’m not supposed to take the Major Migraine Medication more than once every 24 hours. It took a long time for the 24 hours to elapse, and this time, by the end of the day,  the headache was giving me a more definitive mauling. So I took a Relpax, and sat up for a few more hours waiting for relief.

Like the tide slipping out, the headache drew away, leaving me limp and exhausted. Unlike Imitrex, which always made me feel that way, this wasn’t the meds, which are remarkably well tolerated, but the result of 48 hours of headache, and the absolute mind-numbing depression that I’ve got my head in this lion’s mouth again. (He needs to brush more often.)

I wonder if the trigger is chocolate cake. I doubt it. All the foodies and the neurologist will jump up and down and say “Yes, that’s it! Wheat and chocolate!” but I am not convinced. Perhaps it is that the chocolate cake is such a novelty these days. Maybe it’s Pad Thai. Maybe it’s my relatives. Maybe it’s deadline pressure, which when it really bears down on me, makes me shut down like a possum. Today the lion is sleeping, but the blues linger. Hush, my darling, don’t fear, my darling.

Target number 55. Steps 1361+ whatever I walked most of the day. Food– I don’t remember, really. Pad Thai and Coconut curry soup. A piece of chocolate cake. A slice of roast pork, half an ear of corn, quarter cup of nut clusters, a few pretzel crackers. Ennui.


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