Three Moons Down

From Maurice Sendak’s “Higglety, Pigglety, Pop”

Three moons down, nine more to go. As my husband puts it, my body is rearranging itself. Though the scale seems stubbornly attached to one figure of late, I can now take off my jeans without unbuttoning or unzipping. That’s some kind of benchmark, I guess. When I saw my extended family over the weekend, they all made complimentary and supportive remarks about my diminishing size, and I am grateful for their kindness.

That said, I have been something of a dilettante about this the last few days. Yesterday, I didn’t even remember to use the pedometer. I have to wonder if this has something to do with the chocolate cake that sits on the kitchen island crooning my name. I made the cake and I know it’s well worth eating. Well, okay, a very small piece just to be social. After much thought I decided that the fairest way for me to deal with the lost steps was simply to assign an average to that day. I took the whole number of steps (for the whole project) from last week (426,610) and divided them by the number of days to that point. (77)  Now I just need to remember to add those in as I go along.

I have not been able to increase the steps very much– which is still a time management issue– but I can feel how much stronger I am, how much more stamina I have. I’ve continued to run, here and there, on the treadmill, along the leafy paths. Each time I set off it gets a little easier. It may be that I will never really be able to increase the steps in a day significantly or over a long period of time, but I am intending to add biking, tennis and swimming to the routine.

It’s hard for me to believe that I am a quarter of the way through this journey. I fret that the progress will stop any minute now and that this will be as far as I can go, but that has yet to happen. As long as I don’t have too many chocolate cakes lying in wait for me.

. . .

This week’s tally.

The target number for today is 55. I walked 5065 steps.

Number of pounds to lose this week: 2

Number of pounds lost this week: 0

Cumulative number to have lost by this point: 24

Actual cumulative number lost: 25

Number of steps to have walked: 35,000

Actual number of steps walked: 32,749

Cumulative number to have walked: 370,000

Cumulative number walked: 459,359 (174 miles!)

Slice of chocolate cake (small), quarter cup of cottage cheese, 10 pretzel crackers, plain hamburger on bun with lettuce and tomato, beef burrito (with avocado and black beans, corn salsa and pico de gallo) quarter cup of “nut clusters” and two cups of watermelon.


2 thoughts on “Three Moons Down

  1. You have walked to Hardin, MT from Livingston…quite an accomplishment…or a better direction…Phillipsburg, Mt so you can hear the accordion festival. I am so proud of you my dear. I have not had any success but I have also not really been sticking with it. Keep up the fabo work!!

    • LOL, that makes me feel tired just to think about it! You will stick with it when you are ready to stick with it. The desire to change comes from somewhere within. I don’t know why it struck me when it did, but I am thankful. Your friendship is a dear thing, many thanks.

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