1968 playdate. We’re still friends.

This morning I slept in. I did a little work on the laptop, then jumped in the shower and got dressed to go to the theater this afternoon with my friend Rita. I forgot to eat. Wrote a couple of graduation gift checks as I raced out the door, as my son had a couple of playdates of his own. We saw Wicked. During the intermission, I cobbled together a “brunch” of trail mix and coffee with cream and sugar. While we were sitting and talking Rita asked about my pedometer, and in horror, I realized that I had not clipped it on. Rats.

Wicked was very good. Plenty of political allegory there and some interesting questions about race. I will be thinking about it for a long time to come. Rita has great seats at the best hall in town and I was delighted to be her date for the afternoon. It was over too soon. She dropped me off at home and I went racing up the stairs to get the pedometer and clipped it in its usual spot on my bra, and dashed out the door to the graduation party for Rob, son of our friends Jeff and Tracy.

Came home, and rummaged around the kitchen, finding little for supper. Ate Almond Pecan Cashew Clusters. Great snacks, probably less great as a meal replacement. Put my feet up to watch some bad television, then back to the computer to edit photographs, and here it is after one in the morning again. I guess this day was a wash, but I had a lot of fun. That’s worth something too.

Target number 56. Steps– well, the recorded ones are 1635, but I think I missed about 2000. I will figure out what to do about the screwed up count before Monday’s day of reckoning. Today: trail mix, coffee, banana, small slice of cake, pulled pork sandwich (a modest one, on purpose) quarter cup of coleslaw, two cups of watermelon, one cup of cantaloupe, fun size Twix bar, three pieces of celery, five slices of bell pepper, a Ritz “crackerfull” and a quarter cup of “nut clusters.”  Tomorrow is another day.


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