Yesterday and Today

Some days the thing that needs to be written about doesn’t mesh with something so mundane and prosaic as weight loss and exercise. Yesterday was one of those days.  But because “weight loss and exercise” is the predominant focus for this project, today we are back to the pedestrian.

(Not that diet and fitness aren’t important– clearly they are. It’s just well, sometimes, it feels so damn self-centered to write about my little struggles.)

Yesterday was too much of the Chinese. We went to lunch at a Chinese buffet. (And I was reminded how much we are spoiled by Mr. Jung. The Chinese Buffet is clearly not the best Chinese food in Dayton, Ohio.) I am well able to behave myself at these events though and I chose carefully. Then last night for dinner, my Chinese-American husband cooked and so, it was Chinese again. All fine except that this morning I was aware of the less-than-salubrious effect the soy sauce had wrought. I wasn’t sick or anything, just puffy. While many restaurants offer you “Low Sodium Soy Sauce” at the table, none of them cook with it.

Started with a good number yesterday morning — 55 pounds left to go, but only walked 3911 steps and called it my day off. Morning rations of Brown Cow yogurt with granola, lunch at the buffet (4 oz. poached salmon, two egg tarts, steamed Bok choy, stir-fried long beans, chicken and broccoli stir fry, fortune cookie and a slice of orange) and dinner at home (stir fried chicken breast with oyster mushrooms and baby Bok choy.)

Today, the target number held steady at 55. Breakfast was two cups of watermelon, midmorning snack of half-cup of cottage cheese, lunch was spinach salad with tomatoes and bleu cheese. Afternoon snack was a Ritz cracker with cheese. Dinner- two fish tacos and half a cup of cole slaw. While our son was at a cello recital (he thought our being there would make him nervous) we went on a short hike 1.25 miles. I kept thinking what a great bridle path this particular trail would make– the terrain was a gentle up and down, but mostly a soft carpet through the forest, quite magical. Steps today 5515.

Of course I wouldn’t make you look at a photograph of the Beatles without providing some aural candy to go with it. And I’m off to bed– lying there and staring at the ceiling, waiting for a sleepy feeling . . .


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