Heat Wave


For the third day in a row temperatures here were over 90.  That’s pretty hot for the last weekend in May. It’s supposed to be the same tomorrow, though the weather guy promises cooler temperatures at the end of the week.  (Meanwhile, back in the place where we used to live, they’re having a snow storm.) I’m not sure what officially constitutes a Heat Wave, but this seems hot enough.

It’s difficult to exercise in hot weather. Maybe I’m overly squeamish, but I’m just not a fan of sweat rolling down my forehead, into my eyes, down my long nose, along my upper lip. It stings. It’s messy. My hair sticks to the back of my neck and my clothes stick to me.

What’s to be done? I suppose that gyms have air conditioning. We have air conditioning in two rooms, but the electrical system won’t support the treadmill and the window a/c at the same time. But it’s more than just the practical aspects of exercising in the heat. The weather makes me feel like just lying around and watching Restaurant: Impossible marathons. Or reading detective novels with my feet up and a cold glass of ice tea at my side. Or napping.

Which is what I did today after I came home from the dog show, which is how I came to miss the high school graduation party of my friend Martha’s son, Benny. Congratulations, Benny! I’ll put your card in the mail. Mea culpa, Martha, I’ll make it up to you.

This is also how I came to drink half a can of Coca-Cola, thus ending my sugar fast. Doing my best to stay virtuous I did drink several bottles of water at the show this morning. But there was my son (6’2″ and 145 pounds) with an ice cold can of Coke. Which he handed to me. And I drank it. And really enjoyed it.  I was just trying to cut down on the mindless consumption of sweet things anyway– and the weather makes me yearn for Italian ice, so I may slip off the sugar wagon again tomorrow. Being it’s so damn hot and all.

Target number is 56. Steps today 7072.  Consumed: half a can of Coke, a cheeseburger, two cups of watermelon, spinach salad, one ear of corn, 12 oz New York strip.


One thought on “Heat Wave

  1. You post made me remember when I stopped coffee once and for my birthday my son presented me with a coffee basket containing all the goodies I just stopped. He was so excited and only 14 so I did what I had to – I boiled water and had a nice cup 🙂

    The fast is still successful since you reduced your intake so much…

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