Sweet Tooth

At the beginning, I decided that I would not deprive myself of the foods that I loved, but that I would try instead to consume them in  more moderation, and that’s been more or less successful. My philosophy was that this was a new lifestyle that I was learning, not just a “diet” and that I wanted to be flexible enough to go to dinner, eat wedding cake, and when faced with extraordinary food, I had to be allowed to eat it.

Which is fine. Life is too short for deprivation. But even in moderation, I wonder if there isn’t too much of a good thing. Every single day since April 15, nearly 7 weeks ago, I’ve had “a little something,” a “tidbit,” often at the end of the day as reward.

It’s been reasonable– a chocolate dipped strawberry, a bite of bread pudding, a third of a Toblerone bar, a bit of sorbet, some Easter chocolate,  baklava, a few Waffeletten. But there has been some little something every day. And to compound matters I’ve had the occasional can or bottle of soda pop, which is probably about the worst offender. Though I drink hot coffee black, when I have it iced, I’d like it with cream and sugar– dessert through a straw.

The whole “sugar” thing is too complex to dissect here (or now)- but obviously I’m not one of those people who think it should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. But I want to see how well I do without it.

So today, there was no little scrumptious morsel. I hope tomorrow is the same and the day after that. I’ve made a few rules–yogurt with granola gets a pass. I’m not a breakfast person, and I have gotten into the habit of eating yogurt and granola every morning, and better I eat something than nothing.

But no cakes, no candies, no chocolate, no pastries, no soda pop, only black tea and coffee, no cookies, no doughnuts, parts of doughnuts or Bits o’ Tim.  I have to wonder if by restraining  myself if I won’t enjoy those delectable foods more the next time I am free to eat them.

Fruit and fruit juice are okay. Hidden sugars in bread, sauce, caramelized onions, those are fine too. (I have a hard time finding enough to eat in a day, I don’t want to make it too difficult to eat. I just want to stop “treating” myself to dessert everyday.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Still plagued by water retention this morning  and a scale that insists my target number is still 60.  This was my one and only official day off this week, steps clocked in at 2555.  For breakfast, the ubiquitous yogurt and granola, two bananas, lunch was six mini sweet peppers, a cup of cottage cheese, six ounces of raspberries, three cucumber and whipped cream cheese sandwich on very, very, very thin sliced bread. A very large helping of broiled asparagus, an ear of corn, 4 oz of hamburger (no bun) and two cups of watermelon.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Tooth

  1. Well done! I think you’re doing the right thing. It may take a week or two to kick the habit but it’s worth it. I’ve now lost 17lbs in 11 weeks just by giving up sugar and alcohol.

    Yes, it was hard at first but once I lost the cravings for all those sweet foods I used to love I found it was relatively easy.

    I still eat plenty of food. I have switched to full-cream milk and butter instead of skim-milk and margarine. I eat nuts and curries and dairy and “carbs”. There are basically no rules EXCEPT no sugar. Hell, I don’t even have to count calories anymore.

    I know it sounds too easy but the proof is there every time I step on the scales.

    By NO sugar I mean NO fructose. One or two pieces of fruit per day is OK because it comes packaged with fibre. But fruit juice is not because it’s sugar WITHOUT the fibre.

    Obviously soft drinks are out but diet versions are fine if you’re trying to ween yourself off them.

    So go girl – I know you were doing well before but this will actually make it easier; less stressful.

    Cheers and good luck! Kim*


    • Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree about somethings. 🙂 I try to eat as little processed food as possible, and I think diet sodas are absolutely poison. Aspartame is a migraine trigger for me, so I give them wide berth, but really, everyone should. If you want soda, search out one of the small batch producers that makes their beverages with a short list of ingredients, none of them chemicals. I’ve lost 22 pounds in 10 weeks, so I think I’m doing okay in terms of diet. I’m not interested in demonizing sugar, I just don’t want to make a habit of eating it, as after all, a treat is supposed to be an occasional thing, not an everyday one. Good luck with your efforts, sounds like you’re on the right track.

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