Two for the Show

Whatever notions I had about being fitter and more rested have been laid to waste at my feet. It seems like I was landing on the ball of my foot with my left foot and heel striking with my right. The dog was out of her mind. I prayed that the judge would not point at us, and indeed she did not. We were third out of a class of four. Four would have been worse, I’m not sad to be third.

But I am disappointed in myself, because I set myself up to fail. Usually I try to arrive the night before the show– but our ring time was late, so I drove the 200 miles this morning. So I arrived tired, and hadn’t had enough to eat, just a yogurt between 7 a.m. and 3:30. That’s not enough. I was exhausted. I was also every bit as tense and un-relaxed in the ring as I’ve ever been. I’m not terribly down about any of this, I just feel like maybe I’ve been kidding myself. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow will go better.


Target number 56. Steps today 3597. For breakfast, yogurt with granola. Lunch was a picnic provided by friends– plain hot dog, quarter cup pasta salad, half cup potato chips, 7-up. Later in the day, a packet of trail mix, and then chicken salad in a wrap.


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