1, 2, 3, 4

Even Julian can’t turn back the hands of time.

Monday nights are all about counting. Counting makes me think of the Feist song from a few years ago, and I happened to find a video of Feist counting out an altered version of the song with the characters from Sesame Street. My son, passing through, stopped to watch it over my shoulder.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is his last day of high school. He’s not going far for college next year and we’ll still have him underfoot much of the time. But it made me think about counting something else. 12 years of school. 2,160 days, school lunches, first bells, recess, pledge of allegiance, recitals, auditions, highs and lows, 48 report cards, half a dozen medals in music, one starring role as Puck, three schools in two states, all culminating in a boy who excels at Latin and plays the cello with startling proficiency. He’s grown up to be someone who can have an intelligent conversation, gets mad about the right things, is deeply kind and has manners that will stand him in good stead. I’m pretty proud of him, and thrilled that he grew up to be not just someone I love, but someone I really like. No parent could ask for more.

So I was going to attach the Sesame Street version of the Feist song here, but given that the original is about teenage angst (I know, you’re saying, “It is?” ) and hopes and dreams and heartbreak and all that, and it made me cry just a bit when I listened tonight, I’m attaching that one instead. Right here.

One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten
Money can’t buy you back the love that you had then

This week’s tally.

The target number for today is 56. I walked 5459 steps.

Number of pounds to lose this week: 2

Number of pounds lost this week: 2

Cumulative number to have lost by this point: 18

Actual cumulative number lost: 24!

Number of steps to have walked: 40,000

Actual number of steps walked: 30,792

Cumulative number to have walked: 280,000

Cumulative number walked: 357,303   (135 miles!)

What I had to eat today: two hard-boiled eggs, slice of toast with half a tablespoon of peanut butter, banana, cup of watermelon, piece of baklava, five ounce New York Strip, another hard-boiled egg, yes I think I will have another piece of baklava and Brown Cow yogurt with quarter cup of granola.

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