They Live By Night

I had an idea earlier today, but now I’m too sleepy to remember what it was. I am more cheerful than last night, though I am exhausted from resisting the impulse to box the ears of my only son, age 17, who kept his father and me waiting outside a movie theatre for over an hour tonight. At one in the morning. Yes, Happy Mother’s Day to me.

They weren’t in a jam, thank God. He is sorry, of course. He’s a good kid for the most part and we’re lucky to have him. But it never occurred to him to call us between The Hunger Games and The Avengers and say “Hey, Ma, this movie won’t end until after one in the morning, is that okay?” Then I could have sent his father, who thinks it’s okay for people to come waltzing in at all hours of the day and night. His own brother called the cops on him one night when Elmer was crawling through the window at 3 a.m. Norman thought it was a burglar, which says something about Norman too.  I suppose my genes, too, may be to blame, being firmly of the Night Owl camp.

I am grateful to my friends who rallied round me in my pityfest yesterday, I know you’ll be relieved to hear that I’ve bounced back. Life is just one series of challenges after another (if we’re lucky) and sometimes we just get tired. I’ve told my husband and son that what I really want from Mother’s Day is for them to help me paint one of the bedrooms. What they don’t know is that yesterday I bought a “graining brush”— insert evil laugh here.

For all the mothers out there, have a lovely day. For all the children take the time to honor your mother. She did the best she could. For the blessed among us, that was something extraordinary.

. . .

Today’s target number 56. Steps walked 6446. For breakfast a slice of fresh ciabatta with butter. (Delivered to my door by the bread man, a saint.) Hot tea. Lunch brought half a chicken salad sandwich, on a croissant, a maple glazed donut and an iced coffee. (Half to remember my idea about a donut truck.) Dinner out with my dear husband included baked brie with apricots and almonds, mandarin spinach salad with grilled salmon, and half an ounce of Godiva chocolate. Now to bed.


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