The Puzzle

Each day brings the same conundrum. How do I eat enough? At my height, weight and age I am supposed to consume 1853 calories a day simply to stay alive. If I was (God forbid) in a hospital on life support, this is the number of calories they’d infuse. If you eat less than your basal metabolic rate requires, your body goes into a preservation mode and it stores fat. (Yes, hooray, isn’t that wonderful? I’ll survive the winter!)

Today was a somewhat busy day. Not horrible, but a little hectic, but once again, I did not find enough time to eat enough.

I had luxurious Brown Cow yogurt (my favorite) with maple pecan granola for breakfast, along with a hard-boiled egg. Later in the day, a cup of blueberries. At lunchtime, I was running errands with the dog in the car. In the drive-through I got two plain cheeseburgers. He ate his and a little more than half of mine. Later, we stopped by The Cakery (a magical spot) to pick up a cake for a meeting and I got a cupcake and the dog got two-thirds of it. Met friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant– resisted the cerveza, had a salad with half an avocado, 20 grilled shrimp and about half a tomato. At the meeting I had a square of cake, 2″ by 2″ by 2″.  When you add that all up it comes to around 1200 calories.

That’s not enough. If I was my height and age and weighed 110 lbs, my basal metabolic rate would require that many calories.

So how do I fit in more food? I’ve packed the fridge and cupboards with (mostly) healthy things to snack on. I feel full after I eat and I stop eating. It’s a conundrum and it’s been one for some time. Like many fat people, I don’t overeat. It’s a cruel trick, this metabolism business. Tomorrow I’ll try to eat more.(And walk more, just ran out of hours today.)

And yes, I’ve lost another pound.

Target number today is 56. Steps taken 1955. Consumption all listed above.  I’m thinking nuts, avocados, fish, lean beef– and I would be happy to entertain suggestions on foods to add.


5 thoughts on “The Puzzle

  1. This has always been a struggle for me – I either decide I want two orders of bacon and overeat – or eat too little and hold onto the fat.

    I find that adding foods rich in healthy fat help: Avacados, good cheese, lean meat. The last one is a killer for me as I really only like Bacon. Nuts have a nice high count and provide protien as well.

    I wish I had not broken the gage in me that tells me what to eat and when. It would be so much easier to do this naturally.

    Here is an interesting article about Set-Point theroy and weight-loss

    • Yes, I agree with what he says– but why doesn’t he tell us how to make our “set point” 150 pounds, lol? I think you can fix your appe-stat. When I wander into the kitchen looking for something to nosh on, I ask myself “Are you sad? Are you bored? Are you thirsty? Can it wait?” I wonder though if I haven’t “eaten enough” in terms of real food, in years. Literally, years. I was horrified to see that the fat and calorie in those wonderful Lindt chocolate balls is 19g per 3 balls, 230 calories. Oh I used to eat those like popcorn. But in terms of meat and vegetables — I bet I’ve been malnourished for a long time. This stuff is much more complicated than most people think. Calories in, calories out, my ass.

    • Kim, excellent pieces both. (Even if we’re not thinking in kilograms stateside. I am considering weighing myself in stones, just so the number is smaller.) Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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