Two Moons Down

I had big plans for today. Launched, refreshed from my week off, I was going to spring into action. My life had other plans for me. I have a tewwible code. I mean, I have a terrible cold. I suppose it’s not entirely surprising. Stress+ exhaustion+extra stress= reduced immunity. Add in a heaping helping of public contact and you have acute rhinopharyngitis. Well, maybe you don’t have it, but I have it.

Today marks the end of the second moon of this twelve moon project. I had hoped to increase my walking another 10,000 steps a month, but since I have not been able to maintain 40,000 a week, that leap will have to wait. However, because weight loss and fitness is such a contrary business and I am nothing but a contrarian, I am adding something else into the mix: every seven weeks, I get to take a week off.

I didn’t go on any eating binges this week, my week off. I didn’t lie in bed eating bon-bons. (Much as I wanted to.) But I did take all the pressure off, and I needed that. Even if I have ended up with a code. A cold, I mean. And guess what? I went on losing weight. As human beings, we truly do not understand obesity and weight loss. It does not boil down to just calories in – calories out.

Our body is an immensely complex and wondrous machine– how could we possibly believe that something so fundamental to our survival would be so simple? It isn’t. We have preservation mechanisms, we have hormone issues, we have gall-bladder complications, we have insulin questions. It’s the art of weight loss, rather than science.  (An interesting and intelligent piece on the complexities of weight loss, and why the same old tired advice doesn’t work here.)

For me, though, I have to be able to go on with this. I have to learn to live differently. I’ve been at it for 8 weeks now. And when it gets too crushingly dull, that’s when I have the hardest time hanging on. So I am going to build in a few mechanisms to give myself a break. Including the last week in June, where I can just kick back and relax if I want to. As soon as I feel better, and I hope that is soon, I am very much looking forward to adding tennis, swimming and riding my bicycle to the mix. It’s time to get out and have fun. As soon as I get over this code.

This week’s tally.

The target number for today is 58. I walked 3307 steps.

Number of pounds to lose this week: 2

Number of pounds lost this week: 1

Cumulative number to have lost by this point: 16

Actual cumulative number lost: 22!

Number of steps to have walked: 40,000

Actual number of steps walked: 19,451

Cumulative number to have walked: 260,000

Cumulative number walked: 326,511   (123.4 miles!)

What I had to eat today: rice pudding, half a cup of raspberries, yogurt with granola, baked haddock filet, a cup of steamed carrots, quarter cup of turnip greens, corn muffin, toasted coconut custard, a cup of watermelon.

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