Fat Rant

This is the link to Joy Nash’s brilliant short video “A Fat Rant.”  Although I am  steadfast in my desire to lose weight and get fit, she says a lot of important things about self-acceptance, no matter what your size.

A Fat Rant

It’s true that the show is behind me, and there should be less on my plate. But all of the parts of my life that I put on hold for two weeks are all now piled up in a huge jumble. This will take some sorting out. I hope that tomorrow I can get back to some serious walking, dancing, stretching, skipping, leaping and the like.

Today the scale said I’d gained three pounds. Three pounds since yesterday. I know that it’s fluid, and I’m not concerned, but it did make me feel discouraged all the same. I know some will say “stay off the scale,” but I need that daily check-rein, and that once-every-24-hours chance at redemption. Each day is another step in the right direction, but I refuse to put my life on hold for the journey.

Target number is 62. Steps walked 3354. Consumed: two eggs, three pieces of bacon, three pecan pancakes, coffee, plain hamburger, two gingerbread cookies, 6 bites of chicken, half an avocado, iced coffee, half cup of blueberries.


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