Size 12

Lately I’ve been buying clothes that are size 12. I’m a long way from wearing size 12, but these clothes are lovely, and a bargain and something of an incentive.  Back in the old days, I was wearing size 8, but I don’t really expect to see that again in my lifetime. Size 12 will do. Until I get there, these clothes can wait patiently in the closet.

Of course, the fashion industry considers Size 12 “plus sized.” Though most women at size 12 would not be considered overweight, the mavens of Seventh Avenue see it differently. These are “normal” women, so they must somehow be inferior to the bony hips and emaciated limbs that so many “super models” sport. No wonder there’s an epidemic of eating disorders.

A couple of years ago, the NYTimes did a fascinating piece on this phenomenon– it’s here, for you to read. Please do. You’ll be astonished.

Target number 59. Steps walked 3662. Consumed: yogurt with granola, beignet, cup of potato soup, quarter cup mixed nuts, 2 cups watermelon, half cup of strawberries, slice of pork, cup of potatoes, 6 brussel sprouts, green salad, glass of red wine, half an ounce of chocolate.



11 thoughts on “Size 12

  1. I would have owned another couple brussel sprouts if I were you. Sounds like a good day, though.

  2. The media is a definite influence on our lives, a true picture of the saying garbage in, garbage out, don’t you think? Anorexia, bulemia, obesity. Society is a nutritional mess.

  3. A size 12 is considered a ‘plus size’!?
    Then by that definanition I’ve been a ‘plus size’ since I was 13 years old!
    I’ve never thought of myself as being too large and don’t intend to start now.

    • Robin, it’s only the “fashion industry” that considers size 12 “plus,” but then they consider malnourished “normal.” It’s like Alice through the looking glass.

  4. I was a size 12 once, in HIGH SCHOOL. I have lost over 25 pounds since my hip replacement. I can’t tell but the scale tells me so.

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