Guess Who’s Back?

I didn’t make the step count I hoped to reach today because I had to drop everything mid-stride and go pick up Holly from her prospective adopters halfway across the state.  It is neither her fault nor theirs that this did not work out, it was just not a good match. I hope that they find that special dog really soon– I could tell that they so want one– and as for Holly, well, she’s snoozing away with her head on my feet.  I am not in too much of a hurry to find another person for her. She would be perfect for an experienced dog person who needed a partner for agility. She is fast and nimble and driven. As far as I know, she might have the makings to be the very best agility dog in the world. Somebody should find out.

So I’ll walk extra tomorrow.

It’s Monday again, that day of reckoning. I am a little perplexed by my lack of progress, but I am sticking with it.

The target number for today is still 63. I walked 5267 steps.

Number of pounds to lose this week: 2

Number of pounds lost this week: 0

Cumulative number to have lost by this point: 10

Actual cumulative number lost: 17!

Number of steps to have walked: 40,000

Actual number of steps walked: 36,874 (heck)

Cumulative number to have walked: 160,000

Cumulative number walked: 225,330   (85.1 miles!)

Started the day with delicious Brown Cow yogurt and the usual quarter cup Bear Naked granola. For lunch I had a little steak (8 oz) with three scrambled eggs and a piece of ciabatta toast, followed by a caprese salad (fresh mozzarella with sliced tomato). Late in the afternoon my husband and I split an Easter Egg from the magical Ghyslain.  Tonight, a light dinner– a piece of toast, half a cup of cottage cheese, half an avocado and half a cup of grape tomatoes.  No more twinges in the tum, thanks for all your caring messages. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Boston Terrier here that needs to go to bed.


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