Rescued from a Bed of Suffering

I am better today, thank you for your kind concern. When I awoke this morning the pain in my lower abdomen was significantly reduced and I realized in that kind of “lightbulb going on above your head” way what the problem was.

On Wednesday, we usually go for a walk in Aullwood Gardens while our son has his cello lesson nearby.  Last Wednesday, our car had a hiccup after we dropped Julian at his lesson. The rear passenger window simply disappeared inside the door, sliding down with a thump. While my husband tinkered thoughtfully with the car, I decided I’d make the walk a quick one.

When I’m walking on the treadmill, I work up to speed, and down again. When I walk out in the world, it’s just a walk, not power walking or any of that. But my time was shortened on Wednesday, so I set off with a wave at an immediately fast pace. By the time I ventured off one branch of the trail through a section that goes steeply uphill, down into a ravine, across a creek, and down a long slope through the woods, I was running.  Not hard, mind you, but running all the same over uneven terrain, without having done the least bit of warm up or stretching.

When I got back to the car, I had a little stitch in my side. Well, not my side exactly, but just inside the hip bone on the left, in the pelvic girdle, about where my left ovary is. Over the course of the next three days, it got very painful. No doubt the inflammation was pressing on everything in the region as well. But the clue should have been that it hurt the worst when I moved. If I was still, it wasn’t that bad. I read once in an essay by a cardiologist that chest pain that is changed or resolved by shifting your position is not cardiac in nature: that pain doesn’t stop.  This pain stopped when I did. When I went to move again after being stopped, it started up again with a screech. Like many muscle insults, after five or six days, it is beginning to ease off considerably. Which is good, because I’m going to have to put on some steam if I’m going to make my projected 40,000 steps by tomorrow.


We missed Tom so much today at the Dayton Kennel Club Puppy Match, where is absence was so palpable and awful for all of us. And I am still missing little Holly. It concerns me a bit that I have not heard from her prospective adopters even in response to the query I sent as to how it was going. These things take much longer to heal.

Target number for today steady at 63. Clocked 5437 steps. Started the day with scrambled eggs and toast. Had a plain cheeseburger for lunch. Went to a friend’s house for an early supper of grilled cheese sandwich and sauerkraut soup. (Which is much more delicious than it sounds.)  Plus half a cup of grape tomatoes, cup of cantaloupe, two slices of roast ham, and a single fresh mozzarella bocconcini.


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