Day at the Races

We spent the day at Keeneland, the venerable race course in Lexington, Kentucky. It was wonderful– sunny, neither too warm nor too cold, and every horse crossed the wire in good nick. We even won a little money.

It was also remarkable in seeing how many beautiful young women turn themselves out looking, well, absurd. Even a hundred years ago when I was young and slender and beautiful, had I appeared in one of these costumes, one or all of my parents would have said “Are you really going out wearing that?”  So sad that these lovely girls don’t have people in their lives who care enough to tell them how ridiculous they look.

Don’t I sound old and cranky? I don’t mean to. It’s just that one used to see elegant young women at the races looking every inch the gorgeous thoroughbred and now they just look tawdry. (Of course, drinking yourself into stupor is never attractive on either gender.)  I am old and fat, but at least I try to not be embarrassing.

We took a little break from the race card and went out to see a friend who works at the famous racehorse nursery, Mill Ridge. The foals were delightful. It was every inch the perfect day. Still not a hundred percent health-wise– not sure what’s up with that, I may have to break down and consult a physician next week– but the day was splendid enough to make me forget. It is wonderful to have fun; I think we sometimes  neglect that vital part of our lives.

Today’s target number is 65. I don’t think I’m actually gaining weight, I think this has something to do with whatever’s ailing me.  I walked 8125 steps, gingerly. Consumed orange juice, english muffin, slice of ham, one egg, carrots, small corn muffin, green salad and grilled haddock.


4 thoughts on “Day at the Races

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely and well deserved break from your routine yesterday. It sounds so wonderful. I do love horses and know how much you do, too. I hope what’s ailing you is soon found and fixed, or that it just fixes itself, soon.

    I’m really enjoying your entries. I may not reply to many but I read them all. And, I gain a lot from your sharing with us. Thanks for that.

    Take care

  2. Hum, I’ve had a few too many comments from other handlers that I dress blandly. Since I no longer have a mother to me something doesn’t look ok, I have become a ‘timid dresser’. My new goal is the middle ground. Surely hope I don’t go too far in the other direction and look ridiculous.
    Is it Mary that works at the nursery? What a neat jpb!

    • Yes, it is Mary. I always thought you looked fine. Isn’t the judge supposed to be looking at the dog? You’re not in much danger of looking like these girls unless you take up off-the-shoulder crotch length dresses (of some sort of lycra) with bare legs and riding boots. And a goofy hat.

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