Bread and Chocolate

Life is about balance. It can’t be all fun or all frugality. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. For me, when my life is chaotic and out of balance, I am unhappy. Yesterday was one of those days. Friends and family were full of advice, nearly all of it excellent. I especially like “sheet of paper, priority list.”  In my haste to react and respond I have been like a tiger by the tail, more frustrated and unhappy with every passing second.

So I went to sleep and I dreamt that our first Doberman, Cybele, was still alive. The dream was occurring in real-time, so to speak, and I was saying to someone in regards to the dog– doesn’t she look great for her age? He responded yes, what is she 9 or 10? And I said, no she’ll be 44. Some dogs just stay with you.

In the morning, there was fresh ciabatta on the wooden bench outside the door. I put on a skirt and sweater, fastening my public self just so, and went outside and saw people I knew and smiled and laughed and met a friend for lunch and by and by I felt better. All my troubles were still the same, I had just stuffed in the shoebox where they belong, at least for the time being.

In the afternoon, I ate a chocolate Easter rabbit. It was a Lindt bunny that I’d bought on clearance. (The duckling is still too cute to eat– this was kind of an ugly bunny.) Not very big, but quite delicious. And two slices of ciabatta with butter. Funny how things our notions about things change. It used to be the chocolate that was sinful and the bread that was benign. Now chocolate is good for you and people shy away from gluten and carbohydrates. Whatever.  I love bread and chocolate.

For decades one of my most favorite foods has been the French pastry pain au chocolate. It is actual chocolate, preferably the best you can find, rolled up inside puff pastry and baked. When it’s very good it inspires swoon. It is one of the simplest foods, but the play of the bread, rich and soft and a little bland played off the sharp, cool, smooth sweetness of the chocolate is sublime.  That’s what life is supposed to be: bread and chocolate, opposites in perfect balance.

Today’s target number is 62.6.  I walked 6840 steps. On the menu: apple, mediterranean salmon salad, half a cinnamon roll, one slice of roast ham, two slices of ciabatta, chocolate bunny rabbit, grilled shrimp (with sriracha- fantastic!), avocado and tomato salad with bleu cheese.


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