Surviving Easter



Today, in the course of surviving Easter, I discovered a few things.  One is that,  in fact, Hershey’s chocolate eggs are not as delicious as I remember them.  Second thing is that although it’s fun to indulge a little, sharing something sublime adds an extra layer of pleasure. Third is you don’t have to eat food that doesn’t taste very good.

And although families are sometimes blamed for sabotaging the diet efforts of their members, I am so very lucky that my family seems quite content to champion my efforts. And, if you are going to make your quest to lose-weight-and-reclaim-your-true-self a matter of public record, you have to entertain helpful suggestions from all, (even if it’s quite clear from their advice that they didn’t actually read the column)and you should take said advice with good grace. I think I have been a little weak in that department. It’s so easy for me to see comments as implied criticism even when there is none there. I will try to do better with that.

I thought today would have to be a “day off” from walking, as I knew I was going to spend a good bit of it in the car, and then shepherding my nearly 96-year-old grandmother to Easter lunch. I was close enough though at the end of the day to give it one last push to log out at 5611. This pleases me greatly. I did eat more today than I have been eating. We’ll see if being better fed will help the pounds fall off. I know it seems counter-intuitive.

My grandmother’s favorite place to eat is the restaurant at a local hotel. They know her there, and are kind about her somewhat imperious eccentricities. The lunches there are pretty fair, but I have to say the Easter Luncheon Buffet was quite dismal. Grannie, bless her heart, had the waitress pour a coffee that she didn’t touch and then asked her to pour it out and give her some hotter coffee– and she sent me to get more shrimp off the buffet, and ate three of them. I told my uncle I think it’s because she can. Anyway, she was pleased to be out and about. I was grateful not to be very tempted by the offerings.

After we tucked her in for the evening, we went on to visit my uncle– and I shared the six Chocolate eggs filled with brown butter ganache with five of my relatives. The egg I ate was absolutely exquisite. But one was enough, and it gave me great satisfaction to give the others away. One of my uncles has seen some recent success with dieting and we kidded each other that we were looking forward to “seeing less of each other.”

Of the wonderful chocolates I ordered from Woodhouse, I gave the carrot and the laughing bunny to my son, I gave the chocolate asparagus to my husband, I shared the box of eggs, and I still have the duckling left. The thing is, it’s so damn cute, I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring myself to eat it.

Today’s target number was 63, which is fallout from the metabolic catastrophe. Though I am a little disappointed, it’s essential to keep the bigger picture in focus: I still weigh 17 pounds less than when I started.  Hoofed it for 5611 steps.

Consumed: green beans (half-cup), pea-salad (quarter-cup), quarter slice of ham (boiled?),  one small slice of very tough roast beef (surely I burned all its calories just trying to chew it) one roasted chicken thigh (no skin) half a cup of melon, yogurt with granola for breakfast, 3 Hershey chocolate eggs, 1 Woodhouse chocolate egg, half a packet of trail mix, green salad with grilled chicken and iced coffee.


6 thoughts on “Surviving Easter

  1. Good for you. Life is too short to drink bad wine and eat cheap chocolate (usually harvested with slave labour). I look at candy this way. I’ve eaten it all. There’s nothing out there on a store counter or in a rack that I cannot live without.

      • This is a technique I’ve used successfully over the years. Often I forget about whatever treat I tucked away and find it when searching for something else, or more rarely while cleaning – lol. By the time I find it, it is usually stale and I won’t eat it, and from that, I often don’t want whatever it was again.
        But, please don’t stand between me and Ester Price candies, if you value your safety.

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