One Moon Down

It is Monday, the day of reckoning. I’ve done this for 4 weeks, one moon’s worth of effort. I have reached a plateau and stopped losing weight because, paradoxically, I wasn’t eating enough. But I have made some changes and hope the next round of losing will start soon. I am going to change my exercise pattern by adding an extra 10,000 steps a week, so next week my target number of steps is 40,000.  Rather than adding the steps to each day equally, I hope the lump sum increase will ease me into a couple of sessions of strenuous exercise each week. I do feel better, even if it isn’t showing on the scale. I am a little disappointed that there was a net gain this week– but I have to look at the big picture: I am still 9 pounds (or 4-and-a-half weeks) ahead of schedule.

I had two upsetting things today. The first one was major: my son’s favorite teacher died. She was his Latin teacher, a former nun. She’d been ill, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but we are very sad all the same. RIP to Miss Patricia Flinn and thank you so much for making such an enormous difference in my son’s life.  The second thing is minor, a fly in the ointment of life– an unpleasant woman I have to deal with in a volunteer organization, who is going around flapping her prodigious gums. In the past one (or both) of these incidents would have sent me to the fridge or the liquor cabinet, or both. So far, I have resisted the urge to eat away my grief and anger.

The target number for today is 63. I walked 6809 steps.

Number of pounds to lose this week: 2

Number of pounds lost this week: +1

Cumulative number to have lost by this point: 8

Actual cumulative number lost: 17!

Number of steps to have walked: 30,000

Actual number of steps walked: 50,176

Cumulative number to have walked: 120,000

Cumulative number walked: 188,458   (71.2 miles!)

What I had to eat: three eggs with half an ounce of cheese, cup of grape tomatoes, 6 fresh chicken and cheese ravioli in a few tablespoons of a chipotle cream sauce, iced coffee, two Timbits, slice of roasted ham, half-cup of green peas, avocado and grape tomato salad.


2 thoughts on “One Moon Down

  1. You are blowing away your goals – that is awesome. I am struggling so much with eating in the morning – I wake up fairly nauseous – but I know it is why I am plateauing as well.

    17 pounds in a month is so awesome – congrats!

  2. I am sorry to hear about that sweet dear spitfire of a teacher. What a gift to have been able to have had her energy come into your lives. She sounds amazing. As for the gum flapper….perhaps a gag ball? Good for you for not turning to either one of the cabinents for comfort….nicely done. Your efforts are encouraging me to get up and go…so keep it up! Love you and may this next moon phase prove to be better! It is all about the baby steps….

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