From the Bottom of the Gorge



From the bottom of the gorge. That’s a literal statement, not a metaphoric one. I am not down, but I was at the bottom of a dolomite and limestone gorge most of the morning, and it was both thrilling and humbling. The place is Clifton Gorge and my husband and son accompanied me out there this morning. We had a great walk along the roaring Little Miami river, greeting other hikers cheerily, stopping to pose for photos.  It was really a happy morning, but it was a reality check.

For starters, it was a fairly tough three-mile hike. The guide book rated it moderate to difficult. The footing was rocky. It was pretty level except for the descent into the gorge, and a mile and a half later, the climb out. And it was a climb, with a switchback. I had to stop twice just to catch my breath. So, despite the fact that I have been making great progress, this one was one tough mother.

Then there are the pictures. Some of them are very nice, and I’m pleased to have them. But most of them show me for what I really am– a seriously overweight middle-aged woman. Those are tough to look at it. When I look at myself in the mirror, I am a champion at kidding myself, and in my mind’s eye, I am still as thin as I ever was.  I didn’t gain all this weight overnight and I have been shedding it faster than I anticipated– I just thought – hoped – that it would be more evident by now. That’s okay, I have patience.

The scale hadn’t budged an ounce this morning (also okay), so I’m maintaining the target number of 61.4.  By the end of the day I’d logged 11,300 steps. (I set the pedometer on my desk and then walked back to the kitchen for something without putting it back on, so maybe 11, 330.)  Enjoyed a banana, Egg McMuffin, five dried apricots, watermelon, pork chop, green salad, one ounce of dark chocolate with orange peel and a cup of blueberries with yogurt and granola.


2 thoughts on “From the Bottom of the Gorge

  1. Wow! That was a long hike – 11,300 is awesome!

    I was frustrated at my slow weight loss until I realized I lost another percentage of body fat…

    I have the same reaction to the photos – I try to file them away to use for my before photos – that is what I keep telling myself, if they are very bad they will make a great before photo 🙂

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