Walkin’ After Midnight

For a few days I participated in a “walking challenge.” It didn’t work out that well for me. No matter how many steps I walked somebody always walked more and then I felt blue about it. Apparently this is not a good way for me to find motivation. When I asked some of the other, more successful walkers how they got such great results they shared such secrets as “pacing while reading,” or marching up and down at the bowling alley in between turns. Apparently the other people at the bowling alley thought the woman “must be on something.” One woman confided that she marched in place while brushing her teeth.

I guess that’s fine for them, but really I want the walking that I do to be something more organic, part of an active lifestyle, rather than just racking up points hardly moving. Sunday is supposed to be my day off, but because I was so busy traveling yesterday, I didn’t meet the quota and one day earlier in the week I was about a 700 shy. So today I went to the wondrous Wegerzyn Gardens and strolled through the woods, and wandered in the formal gardens. (It’s worth clicking the link to see the place.) That along with just normal day to day moving about was enough to give me 6321 steps.

In April, I’m supposed move the baseline to 7500, and it won’t  be easy. I think I’ll have to do at least part of it on the treadmill in the morning, just to save time. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do it in my glorious new shoes because I am sending them back. They were remarkably uncomfortable. I don’t have high archs, but they had so little arch support, I might as well be wearing my Chuck Taylor’s. Yet, they were built up too much in other places. I only wore them for about five minutes before I had to take them off again. I’ll do some more research.

Today the target number changed again to 68.2. (Yes, hooray.) On the menu: Greek yogurt with granola, 3 small (soft taco size) tortillas with shredded pork (no sauce), half a dozen mini sweet peppers, a glass of v-8, two rice cakes, baby bok choy with a little chicken breast over half a cup of rice and two ginger Chimes.

I go out walking after midnight, out in the moonlight . . . .


5 thoughts on “Walkin’ After Midnight

  1. As a clinician I would tell you that any movement where you would otherwise be sedentary is part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Your body will build muscle and burn calories whether on a treadmill, walking through the garden or marching in place.

    • What kind of clinician are you? I am trying to change my whole lifestyle. Marching in place while reading or brushing my teeth is not part of that picture. I appreciate that different things work for different people- you probably don’t show large dogs on most weekends. I’m glad this works for you, it just feels too artificial to sustain for me. 🙂

      • Hi,
        I am a nurse with many years spent educating on incorporating lifestyles changes for healthy benefits. My personal experience with exercise is that it must “feel” right and good to the individual or there is risk it will not be maintained. It is very important however that the public understands that any movement, even parking a little further or marching in place counts towards improving inactive lifestyle. When heatlh educators try to promote activities that are too challenging to an inactive and often times overweight person it is met with major resistance. I wish you much success with your efforts. Oh and happy hunting for the right shoes. I have exercised in great shoes and spent good money for some that simply sat in the closet…always a frustration.

        • I agree with you wholeheartedly. If someone enjoys pacing while reading, it’s not my place to say that’s the wrong way to do it, as obviously it’s the right way for him or her. It just isn’t the right way for me. One of the great things about reaching late middle age is that you know yourself pretty well, and you have a pretty good idea about what will fly and what won’t. I knew it would be a waste of money to sign up at a gym. I’d never go. About 25 years ago, I lost 100 pounds doing what I’m doing now, but without the benefit of the public component. Just walking everywhere, and writing down everything I consumed. Friends would like me to do more or do it there way or take up Zumba or something, but this is fine for me for now.

          I did find some shoes tonight– they’re not THE answer, but they are a possibility. I tried on ten different pairs and most were not comfortable– too much padding and support. Plus you look down and there’s this hideous thing on the end of your leg! I am going to look into the minimalist running movement (or barefoot running.) I sincerely doubt that I will take up running barefoot, but I really like the idea of running in a shoe that works with your own biomechanics instead of against them.

          Thanks very much for your kind words and interest– continued good luck with the walking challenge.

  2. I am sorry the shoes didn’t work for you – they were adorable.

    I feel the same way about gyms and such that you do about pacing – I want my lifestyle to change rather than putting time in at a windowless building.

    Such a beautiful garden!

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