Back from the Breeding Shed

I spent much of today either in the car driving around Kentucky or helping two lovely dogs to engage in conjugal bliss. We had success with the breeding and I hope in about 63 days I will be announcing the arrival of some beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies. So I didn’t get much walking in, I just ran out of day. I guess I could have logged some more on the treadmill, but the truth is, I am tired! Drove from Dayton to down near Lexington for the assignation. Had lunch with my friends and then drove over towards Louisville to pick up a Basenji who belongs to my friend-and-veterinarian and brought her home. Even with all that I managed to squeeze in 3249.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take Sunday off after coming up short earlier this week, so I will be out walking tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a nice day, and my new shoes arrived, so I’m looking forward to it.

Target number today is 70!

Yes, that means the number is down by ten pounds since I started. I’m going to wait a couple of days to see if it settles there before truly celebrating, but it gave me a grin to start the day.

Didn’t even have time to grab much breakfast before starting off down the highway: toast and a hard-boiled egg. A packet of trail mix and a banana in the car. A small (soft taco size) tortilla with grilled chicken and cheese at lunch and a tiny packet of Cadbury mini-Easter eggs in the afternoon. I really wanted them, and sometimes it’s better to just give in. Steak salad for dinner (romaine with 4 oz. strip steak, romaine, mini sweet  peppers, half an avocado and a little blue cheese) and two Ginger chimes with a cup of green tea afterwards.


3 thoughts on “Back from the Breeding Shed

    • Many thanks. I find what’s hardest is eating when I’m not hungry. Obviously that’s been my habit for years.
      😦 Bored? Eat. Thirsty? Eat. Sleepy? Eat. Upset? Eat. I am trying to learn to read the signals better, and I do find that drinking more fluids helps a lot.

      • I used to eat all the time thinking I was hungry. I realized I was dehydrated and was eating to try to get some fluids. That works for my metabolism.

        Did some belly dancing this morning with the tv. Didn’t feel like much effort but we’ll see tomorrow.

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