Going over the original notes for this project, I see I was only going to increase the distance required to walk once a month, not once a week. I think that once I am more fit, I can increase the frequency, but for now, I’m going to stay at 5000. If I can do more, great. But 5000 is all I am going to require of myself for the next three weeks. Being that I have a blister on my foot, that seems a great plenty anyhow.


4 thoughts on “Revision

  1. Larkin, I don’t believe your shoes are adequate. You need to be fitted well. I think you need a pair of New Balance from Roderers on Main Street.

    You need to come to Martha’s Holiday Camp. We do fun play activities briefly. We hit some tennis balls. We ride bikes and choose between classic 1960 Chicago Schwinns and newer models. We jump on the trampoline to music we like. We play on the Yoga ball. And best of all, we play with the adult-woman sized hula hoop!

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