The Kind of Day That Makes You Want to Give Up.

It’s my 19th wedding anniversary today and that part of the day was happy. My husband and I spent a lot of time goofing off in mazes. Yes, mazes.  But the day started out discovering that for no good reason whatsoever, the scale crept up overnight, leaving me 1.4 pounds heavier with a new target number of 73.2. I got my 7500 steps in yesterday, dammit. I ate reasonably. I did everything right. And the numbers mock me. No wonder Weight Watchers tells you to only weigh once a week– but what if the one day a week that you weighed was a day like this one? I know this is an anomaly, but still.

Then I decided to run barefoot on the treadmill, and that, my friends, is a mistake. Now I have a blister on the bottom of my foot, so no, I didn’t finish all 7500 steps. Sorry. Only logged 5093.

A friend, who happens to be a professional baker, was on the doorstep this morning with three bags full of the most glorious bread you can imagine and a dozen + wonderful bagels. I can resist, I can resist, I can resist.  Well, actually, I don’t have to resist– it’s great bread and well worth eating, I just have to maintain some kind of modicum of virtue about it.

We were indecisive about going out for dinner– finally decided to buy steaks instead– and then we were too tired to cook them, so we just sort of noshed on whatever was handy. Yes, bread.

Today’s menu: Strawberry Greek  yogurt with quarter cup granola, toasted bagel with a little butter, plain  hotdog and two-thirds of a hotdog roll (not much to choose in the land of mazes) and orange juice, two cups of watermelon, 2 slices of bread, four ounces of tuna, half a cup of blueberries with a dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt.

I’m not giving up. I just have to believe that tomorrow is a better day.


7 thoughts on “The Kind of Day That Makes You Want to Give Up.

  1. I just read an article today that said that we expect so much perfection our of ourselves that if we “mess up”, we tend give up altogether.

    It sounds like you had an amazing occasion to celebrate and that you did. Yes, you had bread, but we all have bread from time to time. While you didn’t get in all of your exercise, you still got in most of what you intended! Give yourself credit for the efforts that you do put forward and know that yes, tomorrow is another day.

    I am a Health Coach, so feel free to ask me for advice as you go along! You can also follow my blog for inspiration, tips, and advice:

  2. Coach Meg – I like you!

    Larkin – I think you need to listen to her. ;o)

    Tomorrow is another day and I’ve been contemplating joining you in your journey. I could, as you know, afford to give myself my own ‘goal.’

    Stick with it girl – it will get better and better.

  3. Meg, I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with eating bread. My belief is that you can eat anything, as long as it is in moderation. I have glanced at other weight loss – fitness blogs and they are mostly regimes that wouldn’t mesh very well with my life. Twenty years ago, I loss 100 pounds using this method and I hope it will work for me again, though I expect it to be somewhat slower, given my advanced age, lol. I appreciate your advice and I have clicked the link to follow your blog. Thanks very much for the encouragement.

    Kerrie, thank you. It would be great should you decide to come along. I’ve found the support I get through the blog and Facebook has been invaluable and so incredibly helpful.

  4. Virtue with bread – that is a tough call. I always felt like if I knew the end of the world was coming I would rush out and ensure I had bread, butter and cheese – few things are better.

    I admire your dedication and tenacity.

    • Not three loaves . . . three bags. And you would if you had the bread. 🙂 A loaf of focaccia, a loaf of a Tuscan round bread, 4 loaves of ciabatta and 18 assorted bagels. Luckily, we are able to freeze much of it. Plus I have a husband with an incredible metabolism and a 17 year old son who is 6’1″ and weighs 145 pounds, so I don’t HAVE to eat it, lol.

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