In which we all take a day off

I am exhausted and my back hurts, and I had to transport a rescue dog today so I didn’t get a damn thing done. Apparently I am permitted one day off a week and this is it. Target number up to 72.2 – it’s probably just a fluctuation, but a bit of a downer. Only 1506 steps today, (6/10ths of a mile) but I’ve logged 52,479 this week- just shy of 21 miles.

Only 4 people clicked on the blog today. I guess they were taking a day off too.

Consumed scrambled eggs, banana, half a packet of trail mix (nuts and seeds), wonton soup, scrambled eggs with shrimp, a few slices of Chinese beef short rib (the rib is sliced about 1/4 of an inch thick), Hong Kong noodle and a very strange Chinese vegetable that looks like spinach and tastes like hot peppers. One fortune cookie.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another week, quarter moon down.


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